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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

The NAWA, a radically newest electric-powered motorcycle

The very rapid development of technology lately has massively touched the automotive world. This can be seen when the application of an electric motor as the prime mover in a vehicle is no longer a new thing today. It is noted that now the technology has moved a step further with supercapacitor technology as applied by the Italian premium car brand Lamborghini in one of its newest supercar models called Lamborghini Sián FKP 37.
The NAWA Racer Concept is the newest electric-powered motorcycle made by NAWA Technologies in collaboration with the Envisage Group. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/34kPMS1)
The question now is whether the potential technology of this supercapacitor can be applied to a motorcycle? Now the answer is predictable. This technology can be applied to two-wheeled vehicles, this has been done by NAWA Technologies, a French technology company. Actually, this company is not an electric motorcycle manufacturer, but a battery manufacturer. But it seems that they are getting interested in the sexiness of the electric two-wheeler market, and decided to design and build an electric motorcycle.

To realize this goal, the company collaborates with the Envisage Group, an industrial design company known to have worked with Jaguar and several other brands in its latest vehicle developments. The collaboration-resulted motorcycle comes with a very futuristic design, and one highlight is a hubless rear wheel, which is then given cool touches including the wrap-around LED taillight and duck-tailed seat.
2020 NAWA Racer Concept uses a 9kWh electric motor and featured a lithium battery combined with NAWACap. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/2GnfbT1)
This motorcycle later is known as the NAWA Racer looks inspired by the cafe-racer design which carries the best technology which significantly boosts performance and can mark a significant step forward for the performance of an electric motorcycle or the performance potential of anything that needs batteries for motive power, including electric cars.

This French company adds a supercapacitor to this motorcycle (which is internally referred to as an ultracapacitor under the brand of NAWACap). In short, this technology is almost the same as a battery, except that it can be charged in seconds, and can then dump that charge at an extremely high rate. And it can be used over and over again without substantial performance loss. The motorbike is designed to have a lightweight thanks to the application of this carbon fiber frame using a 9kWh electric motor.
2020 NAWA Racer Concept has a very futuristic design, with one highlight is a hubless rear wheel. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/3lbhgQR)
The power source itself is taken from a lithium battery combined with NAWACap. The presence of this combination makes the NAWA Racer the first electric motorcycle in the world to use hybrid technology in its battery system. The hybrid technology on the NAWA Racer is able to recharge up to 80% more power during braking. The fact, the café racer-styled motorbike which weighs 150 kg is able to accelerate to the top speed of 160 kph. 
2020 NAWA Racer Concept which is then given cool touches including the wrap-around LED taillight and duck-tailed seat. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/34kPMS1)
The top speed is created thanks to the ability of the NAWA battery which has a power of 98 hp. This motorbike can also move as far as 289 km with a full battery condition. From a stop or during hard acceleration. NAWA claims the racer can go 0-60 in about three seconds with a top speed of about 100 miles an hour and also improved power-to-weight ratio also helps in performance metrics and improves handling.
The NAWA Racer has been showcased last January at the CES 2020 event in Las Vegas. Still not known, whether the NAWA Racer will be produced and marketed in the near future?

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