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Saturday, May 16, 2020

The rarest FM Molteni scooter

This time we return to Italy for a moment. Indeed, this pizza country cannot be separated from the automotive world, especially the culture of scooters. Yes, as we all know that from this country the popular culture of scooters first emerged after World War II and then spread throughout the world to date.
1950 FM Molteni T50 was on display as the Legend of the Motorcycle at the International Concours d'Elegance 2006. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/3c5M9lM)
It was noted that there were several Italian manufacturers who had made scooters in the past besides Piaggio and Innocenti such as, Ducati was made a beautiful scooter known as the Ducati Brio, then there was Teodoro Carnielli & Co. made a thin scooter named the Carnielli Vittoria Type 65, then there was Rumi 'Ants' Formichino from Moto Rumi, MV Agusta 125 series, Motto Guzzi with its Galletto, etc.
1950 FM Molteni T50 used a two-stroke 125 cc with a three-speed gearbox with the control on the handlebar and a chain-driven transmission. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/3c5M9lM)
Well, besides the brands mentioned above there are still more beautiful scooters made by Italian companies, like the scooter as follows named FM Molteni T50. The scooters were produced by the Milan-based company named Officine Meccaniche Fratelli Molteni (FM).
1950 FM Molteni T50 had a truss frame with a single central cast alloy, which incorporated the fuel reservoir and the light support on the saddle. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/3c5M9lM)
The company was founded by the Molteni brothers whose previously bore the names, Ditta Molteni, Erba, Como, later Moto Molteni, Molteni later Officine Meccaniche Fratelli. The company's latest production base was in Milan. 

And initially, the company built motorcycles by using an aluminum alloy frame fitted with 350cc and 500cc engines sourced from MAG of Switzerland and Bradshaw (GB). The forks and guards were also of alloy, apparently. One of their logos consisted of three superimposed letters M representing Moto Molteni MAG. Postwar, the logo was a simple FM, with the right leg of the M rounded below.
An advertorial leaflet of the 1952 FM Molteni T50 scooter. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/3b3SVXQ)
After being ceased for more than 20 years due to the war, and in 1950 production was resumed at the new plant in Milan, with its first scooter production named FM Molteni T50. This is an alloy-framed scooter. 

The FM Molteni T50 scooter was designed by R. Juga in collaboration with A. Pajaga, and it had a truss frame with single central cast alloy, which incorporated the fuel reservoir and the light support on the saddle. The swingarm was built on top of the truss frame. The engine was a two-stroke 125cc with a three-speed gearbox with the control on the handlebar and a chain-driven transmission. 
1952 FM Molteni T52 comes with aesthetic changes, engine cover, and headlights on the front fenders. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/2xw6uBt)
While the second model called FM Molteni T52 featured almost similar two-stroke 125cc engined but with an increase in style and performance with the front fork was cast in one piece, including the fender that contained housing for the spring suspension.

But unfortunately, the company is not long-lived and should be ceased its production for good in 1954 due to financial problems. It is not known how many scooters were produced by this company from 1950 until it ceased production in 1954.

Finally, if the information in the article above is still felt to be inadequate or inaccurate and or you have any additional information related to this brand, please do not hesitate to let us know through the comments column below this article.

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