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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Know About the Parachute

The word of "parachute" as we know it today comes from the French, "para" (protecting) and "chute" (fall) so that the parachute means "protection of the fall." How the beginning of a parachute?

Triangle-shaped parachute designed
by Leonardo Da Vinci. (Picture from: 
In the 15th century, Leonardo Da Vinci ever make triangle-shaped parachute. Because of that design, Leonardo can be considered as one of the pioneers in the concept design of the parachute.

A century after Leonardo Da Vinci designed a parachute concept, an Italian, Fausto Veranzio design parachute that is different from the concept that was made by Leonardo. He made a rectangular parachute.

The next development of parachute done by André-Jacques Garnerin. He successfully completed its design in 1797.

A round parachute with a diameter of 23 feet. Garnerin parachute still equipped with a frame so that its shape is like an umbrella.
Parachute designed by Fausto Veranzio and André-Jacques Garnerin.
On October 22, 1797 Garnerin test the parachute to jump from a balloon floating at an altitude of 975 meters above the city of Paris. Although the parachute failed to control the violent crushing of aerodynamic air that makes Garnerin jump was unmanageable, but he managed to land safely.

Thomas Scott Baldwin known as "The 
Father of the Modern Parachute."
(Picture from: http://www.hill.af.mil/)
The success was made ​​Garnerin became the first man to successfully use a parachute to make the jump from a flying object hovering in the sky.

The first person who managed to make a parachute without a framework known as Limp Parachute was Thomas Scott Baldwin of the U.S. in 1897. In 1919, Leslie Irvin managed to make a parachute that can be controlled.

Now, parachuting is one of the sport as well as recreational facilities. Parachuting continue to spread around the world and become a very challenging hobby.

Now parachute was developed with the specifications and functions are increasingly sophisticated. *** [SEPTI | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 02082012]
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