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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

A unique 1950s phony jet-engined scooter from Germany

Walba was one of the first German scooters from the post-war period. As quoted from Wikipedia, the motorcycle company based in Reutlingen, Germany was founded by a father and son in 1949. The Walba name derived from the abbreviation of the company founder names, ie Waldemar and Alexander BAlbaschewski. The official company name was Walba Fahrzeugbau Reutlingen.
1949 Walba 98 prototype scooter. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2rkutA6)
It is known that Alexander Balbaschewski was an engineer who had worked in several well-known automotive companies, such as Ford, BMW and MAN up to senior engineer level. The first scooter made by this company is Walba 98 in 1949.

The most notable scooter ever made by the company was Walba DeLuxe which is presented in 1950 and powered by a two-stroke ILO engine with a capacity of 100 cc, then 118 cc. As quoted by CyberMotorcycle, its unique body design comes from a French serviceman, Louis Lucien Lepoix, doing his bit to help with the reconstruction. He later achieved some success with BMW and as a designer in France.
1952 Walba DeLuxe scooter. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2Nv3eM1)
What makes this scooter is very unique, it is clearly seen that the Walba scooter has a different appearance from the other scooters at that time. Yes, when you ride this scooter, it's as if you were riding some kind of jet-engined vehicle from outer space. That's because under the seat and behind the rider's legs there's a unique body structure resembled a jet engine (a phony jet engine).
1952 Walba DeLuxe scooter at Automuseum Schramberg in May 2012. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2Co17Dp)
Besides that the scooter had identical front and rear wheel suspension and an engine-transmission unit which was installed in a similar way to the Imme - as the rear wheel went up due to a bump on the road, the engine went down. This reduced un-sprung weight to a minimum giving the machine superior handling characteristics. It was fitted with a hydraulic brake.
Walba DeLuxe scooter on the 1950s poster. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2Nv3eM1)
It turns out that the Walba unique scooter is not very successful in the market, because it is expensive, complicated and heavy, so the sales figures run at the turtle speed. The Walba scooters were built until 1952, when Fahrzeugfabrik Kannenberg KG, a vehicle construction and workshop company in Kannenberg bought the company. Manufacture continued under new ownership known as the Faka scooter, and it was marketed with minor changes.

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