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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Here're the eccentric & unique scooters of Spaniard-made

Continuing the story of a classic scooter that ever existed and milling about on the streets around the world. And as we have known, if the culture of scooters began to be spread by the Italian duo scooter producers, Piaggio and Innocenti and then there're several companies in the Great Britain, Germany, France, Russia (in the time of the Soviet Union) and then cross the sea in the United States and even farther in Japan.
Don José Bolinches Bacete, the founder Cimera scooter manufacturer rode the Cimera Turismo back on 1950s. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/35BMyJR)
So now it is the turn of the matador country, Spain, which we will discuss about the existence of the scooters were ever made by the manufacturers from this country. Due to this country is also noted to have several manufacturers that have made scooters that are no less beauty and reliable than other scooters that have been made by manufacturers in other parts of the world.

For those reasons, then we initiated to explore on the cyberspace. And then we found several scooters figure made by Spanish companies from the articles compiled based on pictures by Scooterhood on Gramho, Facebook, etc. Then we add some related information from other sites. Here're two Spaniard companies who ever made a beautiful and reliable scooter:

1. Cimera (Boli)
In the first place is the Cimera scooter, an eccentric and unique scooter from Valencia, Spain, made by a manufacturer founded by Don José Bolinches Bacete, an industrial from Valencia Spain.

It is known, how's he can founded the company to produce several microcars to scooters, it thanks to his initial bussines to export fruits, especially oranges, from Valencia to Belgium. Even during the beginning of the Civil War in Spain, he and his wife (Yvonne Pieters Janssen) and their children (Juan and José) moved to Brussels, Belgium. Not only that, his company was also moved there.
1952 Cimera Turismo. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/35BMyJR)
In the course of his business it turned out that Don José Bolinches encountered many obstacles in Spain so that the bureaucrats at that time did not give any permission to his company to make four-wheeled vehicles. Over the time, in the 1950s he succeeded in making several three-wheeled microcars and scooters.

The figure of the Cimera scooter made between 1952 - 1955 can be said to be an eccentric scooter because it has an unusual front shield shape that was not possessed by other scooters at that time. Then the Cimera scooter uses a 250cc 4-stroke engine combined with a 2 speed automatic transmission system for 2 riding conditions, normal and special such as during storms and heavy rains.
1952 Cimera Rural. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/35BMyJR)
The Cimera scooters are produced in 2 models, namely Turismo and Rural. For Cimera Rural scooters, it has no less unique function as an agricultural transportation rides and is capable of transporting harvests of up to 200 kg.
1951 Cimera Turismo prototype. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/35BMyJR)
At the beginning of its creation, the Cimera prototype scooter is said to have several problems. As quoted from Motor Clásico magazine, the problematic part lies in the transmission levers of the rear wheel drive chain.
1951 Boli. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/35BMyJR)
Besides producing two models of the Cimera scooter, it was also noted that the Don José Bolinches company had also built a scooter with the Boli brand in 1951. This scooter turned out to have a very special meaning. Because the scooter that was born in the dominant color of chrome with dark blue and gray paint accents was built special for his beloved wife. Ooh.. so sweet! But unfortunately manufacture ceased in 1955.

2. Montesa Fura (Ferret)
Then there is also a scooter made by a company from Barcelona, Catalonia called Montesa. Although only 2 units were made as prototypes in 1958. The idea behind making this scooter came from Pedro Permanyer, the company co-founders (with Francisco Bultó). At first he asked Bultó to design a basic scooter, but then instructed another company's engineer, Leoplodo Milá to complete it.
1958 Montesa Fura. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/35BMyJR)
The center of the design is the use of very economical stamp steel sheets, formed into a 'U' shape. Additionally, its seater placed on the horse riding position which can be adjusted the height. The initial design plan of this scooter is to insert a third seat or or carry a box. Meanwhile, this scooter is powered by a 2-stroke, 150cc of Brio 110 engine that is capable of producing of 8 horsepower.
Right side view of 1958 Montesa Fura. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2owg0jL)
These Montesa Fura scooter have debuted at the 1958 Geneva Motor Show. As quoted from mcnews.com.au, that the first prototype of this unique scooter was in a private collection in Spain and the second one is still owned by the Permanyer family till today.
Noted then the manufacturer of Montesa produces scooters and motorcycles in the next few decades to date.

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