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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

'King of Supercar' was reborn

Chevrolet's performance division again demonstrated their ability to make the best supercar. This can be seen in the figure of the Corvette ZR1 which is claimed to have the greatest power in history, high performance and sophisticated.
2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 convertible exhibited at the 2017 LA Auto Show. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2EhLEXB)
The most special part of this supercar is the engine sector which uses a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 LT5 engine. The engine is capable of spraying maximum power of 755 hp and 969 Nm of torque so that it can drive this supercar to a maximum speed of more than 337 kph.

The new engine is sure to be more efficient by 52 percent when compared to the previous supercharged LT5 engine. This efficiency can also be obtained thanks to the installation of a dual-fuel-injection system.

In this supercar there is a 7-speed manual transmission and an 8-speed automatic with paddle-shift. Yes, the automatic transmission system is the first automatic transmission pinned by Corvette on the ZR1 supercar figure.
Past ZR1s have been known as "The Corvette From Hell" and "The King of the Hill." What new nickname will this C7 earn? (Picture from: https://cnet.co/2QsItUg)
In addition to the latest performance engines, this supercar also has a design that is said to support the engine performance. The ZR1 supercar is now more aggressive thanks to the new front fascia and carbon fiber roof.

In order to produce a more ferocious look, the Corvette also provides several additional accessory options, namely the Aero Package and the ZTK Performance Package. The option of these accessories not only adds to the appearance of the supercar to be more ferocious but also improves the performance of the vehicle.

Although it is believed to be back to grab the 'King of Supercar' title, now the ZR1 is still present with dynamic colors. By using the Sebring Orange Design Package color makes the exterior and interior look of the Corvette ZR1 more cool and eye-catching.

Because the supercar is focused on the driver, the interior is also equipped with options for leather seats with microfiber and Nappa leather, carbon fiber sculptured steering wheel, sporty seat design, Performance Data Recorder and Bose Audio system.
"I have never been driven a Corvette like this before and I don't think anyone else has. There will be no other vehicles like this. Other supercar manufacturers seem very surprised because ZR1 has returned," said Mark Reuss, Executive Vice President, General Motors Global Product Development, Purchasing and Supply Chain. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | CHEVROLET | AUTOBLOG]
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