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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Tushek's first hybrid supercar

Slovenian supercar maker Tushek released its first supercar named Tushek TS500 at Top Marques 2012, and has used these exclusive automotive event to debut every model since, and returned to the Top Marques this year under the original Tushek name and a new model that puts everything prior in the shade.
2018 Tushek TS 900H shown at the Top Marques Monaco 2018. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2wH44vk)
Yes, this year they are back with the latest supercar named All-new Tushek TS 900H has a hybrid drivetrain based on the same Audi 32-valve V8 engine previously used in the TS500, TS600 and TS700 models, can producing 687 hp (505 kW) of power at 7,600 rpm and 690 Nm of flat torque delivery from 1,900 rpm to 6,300 rpm.
Front view of 2018 Tushek TS 900H. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2wH44vk)
Unlike those previous models, this time the V8 engine gets a massive boost from newly electrical motor assistance adding up to an additional 653 hp (480 kW) of power and 1,000 Nm of torque, complete with torque fill and torque vectoring functionality. This car uses a Holinger sequential 6-speed racing gearbox and can be driven for 50 km (31 miles) under its electrical power only.
Interior view of 2018 Tushek TS 900H. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2wH44vk)
The total package produces peak power of 1,340 hp (985 kW) and torque of 1,690 Nm. While the car's dry weighs is 1,305 kg (2,877 lbs) and 1,410 kg (3,109 lbs) at the kerb, ready to rock, thanks to the chrome molybdenum space frame with carbon fiber inserts keeping the weight to an absolute minimum. These Two-seater supercar have a removable hardtop and a drag coefficient of 0.36.
Rear side view of 2018 Tushek TS 900H. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2wH44vk)
According to The founder and CEO of Tushek Supercars, Aljoša Tushek, the car can provide "continuous power of 990 hp," having a top speed of 380 kph (236 mph), and able to accelerate from 0-100 kph (62 mph) in 2.5 seconds.
This car has a base price starting at €1.2 million ($1,475 million). Although the car is shown with a sun canopy and charging station, we are not sure whether that's included in the price or whether it is an optional extra. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | MONACO WEALTH MANAGEMENT | TUSHEK SUPERCARS | NEWATLAS]
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