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Monday, March 28, 2022

Here's the oldest Harley Davidson in the world

Number ONE Everything in this world must have a beginning, as well as automotive products. Now on this occasion we will discuss a little about the first motorcycle products produced by the famous American motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company.
1904 Harley Davidson Serial Number One at the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwauke. (Picture from: WikiPedia)
When you visit the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwauke, United States, the figure of a classic dates to the 1903-04 era motorcycle called Harley Davidson Serial Number One greets your eyes when entering the lobby.

The classic motorbike mentioned above then, is not the very first mentioned but it is the first true Harley Davidson motorcycle as they were later developed. The company founders built at least one prototype before it and, of course, production machines after it that differed both in the power of the engine and in general configuration.
The Harley Davidson's Shed. This is not the original shed, but rather a replica that was build based off historical photographs, and it sits just outside the Harley Davidson Museum. (Picture from: Motorcycle)
Meticulous research by HD Archives staff and external experts proved that Harley Davidson Serial Number One was built without fenders and used in competition, probably to illustrate the power and reliability of the motor. After all, as the company name implied, Harley Davidson Motor Company sold motors as well as motorcycles.
Left side view of 1904 Harley Davidson Serial Number One at the Harley Davidson Museum. (Picture from: Motorcycle)
Instead, it is the developmental platform from which the first true Harley Davidson street motorcycles emerged. Overall it could be said to be the first Harley Davidson motorcycle was not an intact motorcycle as usual considered ready for production with some improvements so that's appropriate to bear as a street machine.

Its engine is very early, circa 1903, but doesn’t match what experts know about the first engines produced by Harley Davidson. While its frame came of the 1905, not original to this motorcycle. These anomalies have sparked much debate among HD experts and historians.
During the 1990s, the bike’s restorers discovered a number “1” stamped inside various components, inspiring the bike’s nickname. There is not much else known about the Serial Number One, but due to all the questions it’s raised, it’s become one of the Harley Davidson's legendary motorcycle. However, one thing is for sure: This is the oldest Harley Davidson in the world.

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