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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

A thin-bodied and unique Italian classic scooter

Rare ONES - Rarely mentioned or seen on the streets today, the Carnielli Vittoria Type 65 is a fascinating Italian classic scooter that emerged in the Indonesian Scooter Festival (ISF) 2018 held in Jakarta. This scooter, crafted by the renowned Italian manufacturer Teodoro Carnielli&Co., hails from Vittorio Veneto in the Treviso province of Italy. The company, founded in the 1930s and active until the 1980s, has left behind a remarkable legacy.
1951 Carnielli Vittoria Type 65 shown at the Indonesian Scooter Festival 2018. (Picture from: NaikMotor)
The Carnielli Vittoria Type 65 boasts a distinct appearance, setting it apart from other antique scooters created by Italian manufacturers. Sporting a striking bare high-handlebar, an exposed-headlamp seamlessly fused with the front fork, and a slim elongated body with the engine positioned in the middle, this scooter exudes an aura of uniqueness. With a weight of merely 60 kg, it is both lightweight and charming.
An advertisement of Carnielli Vittoria Type 65. (Picture from: ScooterManiac)
The scooter comes in three variants: Carnielli Vittoria Type 65 with a 65 cc engine, Vittoria Luxe, and Vittoria Palace Luxe, both equipped with a 125 cc engine. All variants feature a 2-stroke 1-cylinder engine with a 3-speed transmission system, ensuring smooth and reliable performance.
Right side view of 1951 Carnielli Vittoria Type 65. (Picture from: ScooterManiac)
Interestingly, the name "Vittoria" is derived from the location of the Carnielli & Co. factory in Vittorio Veneto, while "Type 65" signifies the engine's 65 cc capacity.

The history of Teodoro Carnielli&Co. reveals its initial ventures into producing lightweight motorcycles, utilizing a 2-stroke 98 cc engine from SACHS. Post-World War II, the company expanded its repertoire, manufacturing larger motorbikes with JAP engines (173 cc and 248 cc) and Rudge engines (175 cc and 250 cc).
Engine view of 1951 Carnielli Vittoria Type 65. (Picture from: NaikMotor)
Following the success of the Vittoria series, the Italian manufacturer introduced the "Motograziella" folding scooter range, powered by SACHS engines. This endeavor culminated in 1979 when both the production of Motograziella and SACHS engines came to a halt.
Carnielli Vittoria Luxe. (Picture from: ScooterManiac)
Aside from its charming appearance, the Carnielli Vittoria Type 65 stands out for its curious preference for foreign machinery. The company opted to purchase and equip its scooters and motorcycles with British and German engines instead of utilizing domestic alternatives.
The Indonesian Scooter Festival provided a unique opportunity to rediscover the Carnielli Vittoria Type 65, as one of evidences to Italy's rich history in scooter craftsmanship. Though seldom seen today, its distinctive design and intriguing heritage continue to captivate scooter enthusiasts and collectors alike. As we commemorate the timeless allure of this Italian gem, let us not forget the legacy it embodies in the world of classic scooters.

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