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Monday, October 4, 2021

The world's most expensive modified Harley Davidson motorcycle

BlueONE In the world's automotive, the word of modification is certainly like the word used daily. Modification is a thing that is very popular with automotive lovers, besides giving a cool impression on the vehicle we have, the modified vehicle is also able to make other people amaze.
Harley Davidson-Blue Edition by Bucherer 1888 dubbed as the world's most expensive modified motorcycle. (Picture from: Bucherer)
One of the motorcycle builders from Switzerland named Bündnerbike who collaborated with Bucherer (the famous Swiss watchmaker and jewelery specialist) had been modified the Harley Davidson Softail Slim S motorcycle.

What makes this motorcycle amazing is the price of the modified motorcycle that surpasses the price of the motorcycle itself! Just imagine, to modify this HD motorcycle, they spend up to US. $1.8 million or around Rp.25 billion.
Front three quarter view of Harley Davidson-Blue Edition by Bucherer 1888. (Picture from: Bucherer)
As we all knew that the HD motorbike alone in standard condition is already quite expensive, then coupled with cool modifications.

It can be ascertained that the motorcycle will appear very elegant plus an expensive sold prices as well.
Engine view of Harley Davidson-Blue Edition by Bucherer 1888. (Picture from: Ifitshipithere)
The modified Harley motorcycle was named Harley Davidson-Blue Edition. Unfortunately, many automotive observers say that these motorbikes are not suitable run on the streets and more suitable to be a millionaire's display items.

To make this one-off motorcycle, a team of eight people spent a total of 2,500 hours or approx 3 months. Because the details attached on this motorbike have a high standard of workmanship and added with a diamond sprinkling on each side.
Right side view of Harley Davidson-Blue Edition by Bucherer 1888. (Picture from: Bucherer)
The engine is lit from within by heat-resistant LEDs, giving a glittering view of the gold-plated throttle valves. But the craziest feature of all is visible from the cowhide saddle as you look down on the fuel tank. There are around 360 diamonds embedded on these motorcycle, even the bolts and some types of screws are also 24K gold plated.
Rear three quarter view of Harley Davidson-Blue Edition by Bucherer 1888. (Picture from: Bucherer)
So it is natural, if there are those who argue that this motorcycle is more suitable for display only than used on the streets, not to mention the risk of these motorbikes being targeted by criminals or other dangerous risks.
Just for info, previous title holder of the most expensive motorcycle ever made was 1951 Vincent Black Lighting which was able to sell at prices of US $929,000 at the auction conducted at Bonhams in Las Vegas. Despite having exorbitant prices, these motorbikes can still be used on the streets. (Click hereif you wanna see another expensive motorcycles.) Are you want to bring these $1.8 million motorcycle to be one of your display items in the living room?

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