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Monday, February 5, 2018

Valkyrie is the car from the Moon?

Some time ago in 2017 the latest hypercar made by Aston Martin, Valkyrie became a very warm discussed thing by various medias. These hypercar is projected to be able to fight Ferrari and McLaren in terms of speed.
Marek Reichman of Aston Martin, Adrian Newey of Red Bull and the F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo was unveil the AM-RB 001 aka Aston Martin Valkyrie at Gaydon back 2016. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1c931m)
And now, the car will be made limited as much as 150 units for all-over the world will soon be sliding on the road. Having a look like a space vehicle like in Sci-Fi movies, one of his cars will be made of Moon dust.

Not known what was thought before, but the request was issued by the first owner for this four wheel. In collaboration with Red Bull Advanced Technologies, some indentations in Valkyrie will use an unusual charge, the dust of the Moon. The Moon's stone will be crushed into the dust and then will be added to the red paint that adorns the Valkyrie.
Real Moon dust going into the paint of an Aston Martin Valkyrie that will be produced in near time. (Pictiure from: http://bit.ly/2nCb3Ci)
As reported by Motor1, on Sunday, February 4, 2018 it refers to the sophistication and uniqueness of the entire look of Valkyrie, especially the paint. Before the car goes into the production line, the first owner requested additional features in these Aston Martin hypercar. Not explained what was added in the car, but he claimed to bring the four wheels out of this world.
When speaking about its drivetrain, the car will use a naturally aspirated Cosby 6.5 liter V12 Cosworth engine and combines with electric motors to produce a total output of approximately 1,130 horsepower. So no wonder that these car is believed to be able to beat the record of Porsce 911 GT2 RS in Nürburgring. Or maybe the Ferrari FXX K Evo and McLaren P1 GTR. That's really amazing car, don't you. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | MOTOR1]
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