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Friday, July 7, 2017

Helsinki now has driverless bus on the streets

After conducting several previous tests in the city of Helsinki, Finland finally managed to make the autonomous bus project to be fully operational and has begun to transport passengers in the nation's capital.
The EasyMile EZ10 autonomous bus in Helsinki, Finland. (Picture from: http://read.bi/2tOTxPh)
The smart bus made by RoboBusLine was initially limited to an experimental vehicle until it was finally approved by the government and in action carried the passengers. As quoted from Carscoops.com (June 17, 2017), noted that the EasyMile EZ10 (the name of the smart vehicle) is now officially on the streets with a speed of 11 km/hour. But now, the vehicle is also operated by human operator in it just in case if at any time there are some technical constraints on the bus.

In addition to Helsinki, the test will also be conducted in the city of Espoo and Tampere in Finland, until finally later the autonomous bus is back in operation after the test is completed. Uniquely, when the smart bus is operating, no bus drivers protest because their position are replaced by the vehicle, the Finns actually combine the two transport facilities with the function to reduce the number of congestion traffic in the country.
With this autonomous bus technology, Finland hopes to more effectively reduce road congestion as well as accidents caused by reckless drivers on the streets. Let's guess, about which country will follow in Finland's footsteps to apply this technology! *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | EASYMILE | CARSCOOPS]
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