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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ebola vaccine trials claimed hundred percent successful

Researchers who recently reported the successful testing Ebola vaccine up to 100 percent to  protect against those deadly disease. Even if the vaccine was not yet been approved by the appropriate authorities, but the study reported by The Lancet medical journal is considered very effective. In fact, the research that took place in Guinea was mentioned to have an emergency supply of 300,000 doses of Ebola vaccine to prevent the outbreak returned widespread.
No Ebola cases were recorded 10 days or more after the vaccination, among the 5,837 people who received it. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1h8TzE)
"Although it is too late for those who have lost their lives because of the epidemic of Ebola in West Africa, this vaccine may be a way we survive," said Marie-Paule Kieny, Assistant Director General of Systems and Innovation at the World Health Organization (WHO) at the same time as the lead author of those research report.

Since the first Ebola case is discovered in the former area of Zaire in 1976, people have been making every effort to create a vaccine. It all started because of the emergency, but these efforts should be halted because of lack of funds.

WHO noted that approximately 1,600 people die due to the Ebola during the past few years, so become reputed as frightening disease. In 2014 an Ebola outbreak attacked 11,000 people in Africa and spread out around the world, and also killing some people in Europe and the United States. These series of events that made the competent authorities tried again to make an effective vaccine.

The test results of the vaccine trial in Guinea finally released on Thursday, December 22 2016 in The Lancet medical journal. The vaccine can not be used to stop the outbreak, but the prospects for vaccine supplies have now been brought optimism among the public health experts. The researchers have so far only suggests the Ebola possibility still lodged in various locations, such as trees and its spread is carried by bats.

The researchers say that the new vaccine still has some drawbacks, among others only worked against one of two types of Ebola virus alone, and there may be no long-term protection. In fact, some of the researchers also found that the side effects of the vaccine for the user, such as joint pain and headaches. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | SCROLL.IN]
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