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Monday, March 14, 2022

A unique French track driven motorcycle

Unusual Locomotion Before the outbreak of World War II, many unique and strange war equipments had been created by many countries as a superiority form of the technology mastery and science.

One of the unique war equipments of that time named Mercier Moto Chenille, a track motorcycle is made by the Swiss inventor, Adrien Mercier in Bois-Colombes for the French military purposes in 1937. From its shape alone can be sure the vehicle is far from comfortable when riding it.
1937 Mercier Moto Chenille. (Picture from: Unusuallocomotion)
This Mercier motorcycle has a long tubular rear frame which supports the motorcycle saddle and fuel tank. Besides the use of track at front like tanks or tactical armored vehicles that is also supported with a rubber wheel sized of 270 x 90 at the rear.

From the rear wheel to the front there are two skids, supporting the collapsible foot rests and these skids allow to slide over the surface if the terrain is too rough to let the rear wheel touch the ground.
Front and rear view of 1937 Mercier Moto Chenille. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1gxM4P)
These unique vehicle using a JAP (JA Prestwich) OHV Sports engine with a capacity of 350 cc at the front. The engine generates the power that can be said is not so big, ie only 11 horsepower (if compared with today motorcycles that using the same engine capacity).
Left side view of 1937 Mercier Moto Chenille. (Picture from: Unusuallocomotion)
Those engine power then combined with the Soyer 3-speed manual transmission system and hand operated clutch to drive the front track. And this Mercier motorcycle has a top speed of about 40 mph (64.4 kph).

There is a hand operated internal expanding brake, supported by the drive wheel of the tracks to stop the vehicle. The complete drive is sprung by two leaf springs at the left and right side of the tracks. After tested by the French military on the slopes between 42 and 45% in 1936, it was deemed as highly interesting. Uniquely, these motorcycles have been made in various configurations.
Right side view of 1937 Mercier Moto Chenille. (Picture from: Unusuallocomotion)
Reportedly, these unique motorcycle prototype made as many as 3 units and never seem to be used on the battlefield due to not mass produced. This surviving example is in excellent condition and is still going strong. 
The German-made tracked motorcycle:
It turned out that not long after, a German automotive manufacturer named NSU Werke also made a motorcycle that was almost similar to the Mercier Moto Chenille and was named NSU Kettenkrad in 1941, even this motorcycle also had time to become one of the vehicles used by the German forces during the 2nd World War.
The NSU Kettenkrad is designed by Ernst Kniekamp in 1939, then produced by the NSU Werke of Neckarsulm in 1941. (Picture from: TanksetPanzerOverblog)
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