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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Here comes the 'perfect' dose of sperm in an equation

Each couple would expect their marriage to be fertilized by the presence of children. However, sometimes some factors such as a lack of sperm fertility when inseminate an egg cell, becomes 'barrier' to get the baby.

Therefore, a study of the calculation of the perfect sperm to have children done. As quoted by the Daily Mail on Friday, November 6, 2016, the research was conducted by formulating many mathematical symbols that might be used by Professor Stephen Hawking when revealed the secrets of the universe.
Scientists hope the breakthrough will help couples who have struggled to conceive. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1fS1vL)
The mathematical formulas trials could be expected to assist in determining what the perfect sperm is and becoming the key in the egg cell fertilization. It designed by British scientists, of an algebra equation explained that the efficient sperm seen from several factors such as the length of the tail and the level of isolation defense, while swimming toward the egg.

The study is one of a series of equations that the scientists hoped could be help the couples to undergo fertility treatment using the most efficient specimens. According to the Birmingham University research team, by using the mathematical equation they planning to make mobile phone applications that can detect the fertility of a man in seconds.
This equation holds the key to defining the 'perfect sperm', a team from Birmingham University has revealed. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1fS1vL)
Analysis of fertility they can get from sperm samples were enlarged. "This research has the potential to change the treatment of fertility," says the project leader, Dr. Dave Smith.

A survey shows one in six couples have difficulty in having children. It is estimated to occur in nearly all cases due to the husband's sperm damage. But even so, measure the quality of male sperm is not easy, is an uncertain science, and carrying on the healing process of verbosity.

"Identifying the sperm that can be reach the egg, in fact is a difficult job. The principles are still based on tests in 1952," said an expert in male fertility of the Sheffield University, Professor Allan Pacey. He also said that the improving of semen analysis is a 'gift' for a doctor like him. Now researchers use a microscope to count the number of moving sperms in semen samples.

For men who have very low sperm quality, it would be nice if they inject the sperm directly into the egg cell. This method is challenging and likely to fail.

Researchers from Birmingham University believe that by doing these methods they can improve accuracy when assessing the amount of the fast and agile sperms. To do that can be done by using the high-tech cameras, and analyze them by using a computer.

"When counting starts by checking them based on the shape of the head and dexterity of the sperm to move," said Dr. Smith. Meanwhile his colleague, Dr. Jackson Kirkman-Brown said, if the sperm does not reach the egg, cells that look like tadpole will not be able to fertilize.

"The ability and the strength of sperm to swim and reach the egg is very important. But not swim straight such as the renowned Olympic swimming athlete do," Smith said.

"They basically have to move through mucus and doing a swimming motion like a snake. Forming 'S.' And a mathematical equation above illustrates how an efficient way to do it," added the man's fertility doctor.

In addition, Smith also said that 'cleanliness' of the sperm's DNA cargo in the cell's head that became one of the determinants of fertility. Sperm is very small, they have a body length of about one-fifth thousandth of a millimeter, thus requiring sophisticated equipment to see it. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | DAILY MAIL]
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