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Friday, October 28, 2016

This little thing can cause 'Doomsday' in a heartbeat?

Some scientists revealed that the creation of the apocalypse could be as easy as pressing a button. Moreover, the process of self-destruction the universe will erase everything and will not bring new things anymore.

The theory described in animation video uploaded by Kurzgesagt on Youtube. In the video explained that the basis of self-destruction consists of the concept of energy levels and stability. "More higher levels of energy, there is more energy in a system," says the narrator in the video titled 'The Most Efficient Way to Destroy the Universe - False Vacuum.'
The universe continues to grow rapidly until today. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1f6Aj7)
The video explains that in the world of quantum mechanics which determines how the universe works on subatomic scale, and the ground state theory was correct.

Throughout the universe, particle tried to release the energy to reach the ground state in order to become more stable. Just like everything in the universe, particle strive to achieve the lowest possible energy phase is called the vacuum state.

However, these phases become unusual when it comes to the Higgs field, which is the quantum field that describes how most elementary particles in the universe acquire the mass. Higgs field did seem to be in the lowest energy state like a vacuum state, but actually it is not as stable as people think - false vacuum.

If the energy level is likened to the mountain, the Higgs field is located in a valley in the middle of the mountain with a steep slope on the other side. It shows that the Higgs field actually has a lower phase and has a great potential energy waiting to be released.

Physicists are not sure what caused it. But if the Higgs field has fallen to a lower level, it releases huge amounts of energy and trigger an endless chain reaction that can lead to destruction.

In the Higgs field process towards the actual stable phase, the energy released to make space around more energetic. "The new and stable of Higss field scope, growing in the speed of light in all directions," said the narrator of the video.

If the destruction of the universe occurred as a result of a chain reaction due to false vacuum, it will happen in an instant, and people will not see it coming.

Destruction that will replace the standard model of how the universe behave and interact. Due to this, atomic and quantum components makes them not act the same way, where there is no more chemical reactions and life.

Check out the explanation in the video below:
But in the end the video narrator explains that at this time we do not need to worry, because until now their understanding of particle physics, there may still be an error. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | ]
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