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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Perhaps you need it at home

Technology innovation today is constantly creating new things that often make us wonder. Imagine how once we still have to bother to send a letter to the Post Office and also wash manually until our hands felt rough and irritation. Now? The communication becomes easier, as well as the clothes washing matters.

Yes, a washing machine can help us wash easily has long existed. But that's not going to be good news today. Because soon, not just to wash affairs that successfully handled by the technology, but also the ironing and folding clothes matters.
FoldiMate, a robotic laundry folding machine. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1evhR1)
An American company has now launched a robot laundry folding machine with a height of approximately one meter which can help us to ironing and folding clothes are already dry after washing called 'FoldiMate'.

How it works is very simple. First, the robot will 'swallow' the various types of creases clothings into the machine. Within a few moments, the machine will 'pull out' those clothes with the state already folded, smooth and fragrant.

In doing so, this robot has a series of trays, each of which can clamp the clothes that are outside the machine. After pulling the clothes into the machine, the robot will detect the entered clothing type. Then a series of robot arms will start to fold the clothes. Not only in the folding course, FoldiMate also clever in smoothed the wrinkles by giving the steam when the clothes are processed out of the machine.

According to the company, it only takes approximately ten seconds to fold the clothes and can save between 15-20 pieces of clothing at the same time. As the final part, the clothes are processed to be pulled out from the machine within a neat pile.

In performing its duties, nothing is perfect so the FoldiMate. One of the drawbacks of this moment, the machine can not be folded several specific types of clothing, such as underwear and large-sized fabrics such as linen.

Basically the FoldiMate itself have a simple concept, and developed by a researchers team of robot experts who already have experience over the years. In 2014 ago, the commercial version of this engine was already there, but pre-orders for the household version will be released next year.

According to the company site, this machine will be sold at a price range of US. $700 to $850 or equivalent Rp.9.3 million to Rp.11.3 million. Although it will be released next year, there are now more than 15,000 people who lined up in the pre-order list. WOW!!

How about you? Are you interested to have this machine, too? Please get in the queue..! *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | FOLDIMATE]
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  1. Please note that FoldiMate will not iron. It folds and has optional dewrinkling.