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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

An automatic integrated garbage system

Trash cans will be prohibited and the garbage will be distributed directly to the basement when the automatic rubbish system has been installed on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. These high-tech automated rubbish collection system was the first in Australia and will be part of the new central business district Maroochydore area of ​​53 hectares.

The Sunshine Coast Council Mayor, Mark Jamieson said the waste system will be installed gradually over the next decade, and will make the central business district Maroochydore to be the cleanest and greenest area in Australia.
The garbage chutes feed into underground pipes which suck the rubbish away. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1eFK7H)
He said that compared to the trash can using, with this system the waste will be transported directly from commercial buildings and apartments with speeds up to 70 kilometers per hour through an underground vacuum pipe system along 6.5 kilometers.

The waste vacuum pipe system will be put under a new foundation of the central business district in Maroochydore. "Obviously this is a unique opportunity with a greenfield site to introduce such technology. It would be very difficult to retrofit this anywhere else," he said.

Furthermore he said that this automatic waste system will eliminate the bad smell of waste and vermin as well as the cost of daily streets cleaning would be reduced. The system uses three holes bins for organic, recycled and non-recycled waste.

These waste revolution means the city workers and inhabitants will not have to walk past the trash cans or waking up early in the morning by the sound of a garbage truck in the center of Maroochydore. The council followed the cities of Stockholm, Seoul, Barcelona, ​​London, Singapore and Beijing which already have the Envac waste collection system.

"All waste will be down to the respective inlet and will be stored in a closed compartment in the basement until the vacuum pump is turned on in the center of the waste facility, usually two times a day," he said.

As well as making more attractive the heart of city, this technology has a track record in improving the recycling rate, so that natural environment will benefit too. These waste system will cost $21 million, which will be fully paid back by the occupant's central business district over the life of the system.
Councilor Jamieson also said that the Envac system will serve the citizens start in their apartments, offices and people who use the public space or facilities. And half of the cost will be funded by the development company Sun-Central. The balance will be funded by the people who use the system in the future. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | ABC NEWS]
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