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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Is Piranha really dangerous?

Most popular notion expressed great flocks of hungry piranha can kill a human being. Even down to its skeleton in a matter of seconds. However it turns out, the idea was without precedent, and most are just the fragments of incomplete stories about whether piranha actually harmful to humans..
Scientists said that Piranha is a simply amazing fish with large teeth. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1d8C82)
The fact that needs to be clarified is the piranha not pose a threat to humans. Lots of documents that prove swimming in the water that full of piranhas is not dangerous. To prove it, Dr. Herbert Axelrod,  swim in a pool containing the most dangerous type of piranha, red belly piranha. Without wearing nothing but swimming suit.

To refute the myth about the deadly piranha, Today I Found Out, describes experiments conducted by Dr. Axelrod. In experimentation, he held several bloody fresh meat using a hook nearby. Flocks of piranha finally eat the meat and let Dr. Axelrod intact unharmed.

So, although it is often considered a voracious carnivorous beings with infinite hunger for meat and craze after smell blood, piranha are actually a shy omnivorous fish. Even the most carnivorous piranha type once behaved more or less like a vulture in freshwater. They eat carcasses or animals dying, not alive who can strike back.

They will eat small fish, worms, and freshwater animals that pose little threat to their own. The reason they are always 'attack' in large herds is not to kill larger prey like in the movies. They did so to defend themselves from predators. You certainly do not believe that the piranha were at the lowest level in the food chain. They usually prey on birds, dolphins, caimans, more larger fish, and of course, humans.

One study in 2005, the piranha showed an attitude of nervous or scared when left alone in the experiment tank. As pets, generally piranha will hide itself when there are people around their tank. In a large group, piranha was not too nervous, though it still has the behavior of 'swim away' when faced with large-sized creature.

Although research on piranha's behavior does not provide the answers we wanted, researchers generally agree that the piranha's reputation as a ferocious fish unfounded. And Dr. Anne E. Magurran, a biologist even commented sarcastically about this piranha. She said, "Basically piranha is a simply amazing fish with large teeth." *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | TODAY I FOUND OUT]
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