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Monday, August 15, 2016

Humans can detect the signs of death?

One interesting thing when someone will die is the behavior as if they know will leave this world. Start of saying goodbye, trying to resolve all the problems with people, or giving away the most valuable treasure in the relatives, etc.

Some may argue, this is a pure coincidence, while others believe humans have the ability to know when the death comes. Which one will you follow? Up to you. It is only natural to try to understand the death of someone we love or make sense of what happens in those final moments. Scientists know when someone dies, the body immediately begins to break down.
Illustration of death. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1d88l4)
Okay ... let us consider a research from Wisman Arnaud of the University of Kent's School of Psychology in Canterbury, England, and Ilan Shira from the Department of Behavioral Sciences at Tech University in Russellville, Arkansas, United States.

Their research found that the animal and human response to the putrescine chemical aroma. For information, when a person dies, his body will be destroyed. Body crushed produce the odors called putrescine.

Putrescine are chemical compounds that are released when the body is decomposed. Putrescine is toxic, and people are very familiar with this stench. Studies conducted by Wisman and Shira found that the animals and humans may not be so different in terms of detecting of the putrescine chemical aroma.

The ability to detect the chemistry scent of rotten is part of the means of survival of all species. And human knows the threat of death through this odor. Putrescine also has a secondary function as a warning signal. Humans have two reactions, conscious and unconscious, when smell this scent.

An experiment using putrescine, ammonite, and the water was conducted to study human reactions. When performed experiments involving putrescine, a reaction volunteers are away. It was the same response with the trial regarding the run or fight reaction.

When animals feel they are in danger, then the response appears there are only two: fight or flee from the threat. The study revealed the human had the same reaction.

"We do not know why we like (or dislike) the smell of someone, and we usually do not realize how scents affect emotions, preferences, and attitudes," says Wiseman and Shira, as quoted from Lifebuzz. "It's hard to imagine that the aroma turns scary," comments this two leading researchers.

This scent makes people more aware and alert to their surroundings. People tend to avoid confrontation, whether it be verbal or physical. For most people, they choose to abstain until the fight is the only the option to left. During the study, people do not realize they have a negative reaction to the scent. "People do not know about putrescine and unconsciously associate it with the death or fear," says Wisman and Shira. 

What do you think? In my opinion, whatever it is, life and death is not our who decide, but only Almighty God has.. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | LIFEBUZZ]
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