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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

4 Amazing Animals with Super Abilities

Do you believe in the theory of evolution as revealed by scientists such as Charles Darwin? If yes, would you agree that living things that exist today can survive thanks to evolution. Evolution makes plants and animals can adapt to the environment.

Speaking of evolution, the process of change originated from mutations that occur in living bodies. For you who forgot, mutations are changes in genes that result in changes in the body. Interestingly, in several animals, there is a process of mutation and evolution make them have super abilities. Here are some examples.

1. Lightning-speed Stomps of Secretary Birds
No, this is not a bird that lives in the office. Secretary Bird (Sagittarius Serpentarius) is a species of large birds from Africa, and even become a state symbol of South Africa. 
Secretary bird with its lightning-speed stomps. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1cweLD)
The ability of this bird is lightning spped and super strength stomp equal to self-defense experts. Yes, secretary birds only takes 15 milliseconds to launch a kick strength of 400 kilograms.
This capability is derived from the long mutation process after the birds choose to make a poisonous snake as its main prey. Fights with venomous snakes for thousands of years to make the legs strong and fast so that the Secretary birds can kill quickly before it got bitten and exposed to the venom.

2. Chopsticks Teeth of Naked Mole Rat
These types of mice looks disgusting because almost no hair on its body. But make no mistake, the naked mole-rat (Heterocephalus Glaber) this proved not to be affected by cancer and live longer, up to 30 years!  
Naked mole rat. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1cweZV)
Staying in the ground forcing the rat to evolve, especially the teeth. Not many know when naked mole teeth sticking out of its mouth that can move on their own. Yes, that's right, like chopsticks.
This unique capability makes naked mole can dig faster hot and humid soil at its habitat in Africa. In addition, these mice could also run backwards (without looking) as fast as running towards the front. In addition, these mice could also run backwards (without looking) as fast as running towards the front.

3. Clean Itself Eggs of Guillemot Birds
Guillemot birds (Cepphus sp.) live around the beach or cliffs as well as live in colonies that the number of members to nearly millions of birds. High density of 'population' clear lead to big problems, such as dirt lots everywhere to even mounting. 
Guillemot birds. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1cweiU)
Naturally these conditions dangerous for eggs, which incidentally has pores to breathe chicks in it. Piled dirt could certainly lead candidate dead bird in the egg.
Well, evolution is taking an important role once again. Guillemot eggs from the time they became more waterproof, so every dirt that fell on it will quickly slip and fall. Based on research, the egg shells of Guillemot bird has a hydrophobic coating similar to the lotus leaf. This layer helps the egg to clean itself.

4. Rock Climbing abilities of Loricariidae Catfish
In the Orinoco river in Venezuela inland, scientists discovered a new species of catfish with super abilities, not just get out of the water but also to climb rocks! The species belonging to the Loricariidae family is claimed to have never been seen before in other parts of the Earth.  
Loricariidae catfish. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1cweql)
The Loricariidae catfish can climb the rock because it has a large suction mouth which can be embedded in the rock and a pair of strong fins like legs. Amazingly, this catfish fins can move on their own either step back or forward.
The ability to climb and walk, makes the Loricariidae catfish get out of the river looking for another water source during the dry season, or climbing the rocks when the floods hit. This capability can only be achieved through a process of evolution from ordinary catfish up to like Loricariidae now. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | MERDEKA.COM]
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