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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The first Yamaha motorcycle

Peanuts can be a symbol of resistance. This is done by Yamaha when it finally decided to make their first motorcycle. The decision was embodied in the motorcycle figure with a common model in that time and was named 'Yamaha YA-1'.

Why peanuts? At that time, most motorcycle manufacturers make the motorcycles in the black color. However, Yamaha against the current. And chestnut, the fruit of the four-seasons countries be an option, thanks to its distinctive reddish brown color. Hence, it soon became a popular motorcycle product, as to have a special nickname, "Aka-Tombo' or red dragonfly.

This is the first Yamaha motorcycle ever produced in 1955, named Yamaha YA-1 and popular with a nickname 'Aka-Tombo' or Red Dragonfly. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1YwCF5)
Its popularity was supported when the Yamaha YA-1 'Aka-Tombo' was carve many successfully achievements, as won in the arena of Mount Fuji Ascent Race III in July 1955, and continued with the victory in the event Asama Highlands Race I or All Japan Motorcycle Endurance Race.

This motorcycle that has a length of nearly 2 meters and weighs less than 100 kg was carry an air-conditioned single cylinder, two-stroke engine that has a capacity of 125 cc. This engine can only spew the power of 5.6 PS at 5,000 rpm, but can make this motorcycle ran fast enough in that time.

How about the price? It was pretty expensive. Twelve times the salary of a college graduate in that time. If the fresh graduate in that time have a payment of ¥10,780, and this motorcycle sold at a price of ¥138,000.
Well, if you want to see this antique motorbike coupled with many other Yamaha products, then you can visit the Museum of Yamaha at 'Yamaha Communication Plaza' in Shizuoka, Japan. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | ]
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