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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Acquainted with a motorbike figure of the Soviet Union era

Unique ONES Podolskian Mechanical factoryâ, a motorcycle manufacturer from the era of the Soviet Union seem not familiar in the ears of many people today. The manufacturers based in the Podolsk city, near Moscow who stand at the beginning of World War II turned out to be a lot to learn from the enemies of the country, such as Nazi Germany, even then the United States, an ally in World War II but later turn back became 'enemies' in the Cold War era after World War II ended.
1938 ПМЗ or PMZ A-750 known as Podolskian Mechanical Factory A Seven Fifty. (PIcture from: http://adf.ly/1YgLow)
It is reflected on their motorcycle model, 1938 ПМЗ or PMZ A-750 known as Podolskian Mechanical Factory A Seven Fifty, where the design process through the stages and the learning process is quite long. The story began when, leader of the Communist Party wants to increase motorcycle production capability of the Soviet Union in 1929, then built the first big vehicle factory in Izhevsk and pointed an engineer named Petr Vladimirovich Mozharov as the head of factory

In that time, Mozharov who had just returned from the 'school' in Germany, trying to apply his knowledge. Unmitigated eight best German motorcycle manufacturers in that time has been visited by him, such Allright, BMW, DKW, D-Rad (!), Mabeco, Neander, NSU, and Zündapp. But Mozharov simply choose the DKW, Zündapp and Neander as his refference guides, because the DKW has many models, Zündapp has high-tech in that time, and Neander for its unique product concepts.

Later, a prototype motorcycle named the 'L-300' was developed and tested by the 'Scientific Car and Tractor Research Institute' in Leningrad. In 1931, Mozharov and his team moved to Moscow to join the other leading Soviet automotive engineer. And they got the approval for the concept of a successful motorcycle built for the Red Army. 
Right side view of 1938 ПМЗ or PMZ A-750. (PIcture from: http://adf.ly/1YgLow)
The concept, called NATI A-750 will become a reference product Soviet motorcycle over the next decade. Uniquely, the design mimics the Harley-Davidson D engine model, which are placed on the chassis that similar the BMW chassis with the fuel tank in it. The Double-cradle chassis was produced by means of press. Trailing link front suspension fork with leaf springs.

By using a two-cylinder engine capacity of 740 cc and transmission equipped with three longitudinal acceleration, as well as multi-plate dry clutch and eventually drive chain. Interestingly, other systems are very advanced in its time, for example an oil circulation system, a battery ignition system with a high-voltage coil and an automotive-style distributor.
Left side view of 1938 ПМЗ or PMZ A-750. (PIcture from: http://adf.ly/1YgLow)
The next model, NATI B-375, similar and congruent only now the machine slightly tilted forward at an angle of 13°. So it is more powerful, with the peak power up to 18 hp. So that by mid 1933, has produced four different prototypes, and successfully passed the road test as far as 1,200 km from Izhevsk to Moscow.

After through many 'political' debate, the Soviet Union then determine the L-300 built in Izhevsk, and the manufacturer officially bears the name of PMZ or "Podolskian Mechanical factoryâ". Uniquely, PMZ has actually been established since 1900 as a factory for the Singer sewing machine, which in fact belongs to the United States. Because of the change of power, the factory was nationalized in 1923, and since 1930 become the center for the production of military necessity.
Rear side view of 1938 ПМЗ or PMZ A-750. (PIcture from: http://adf.ly/1YgLow)
Mozharov who became head of the factory then, did the pace of change in total. He changed a lot of production machines as needed to produce a motorcycle. Like the stamp machine to make the order efficiently. It took three years to change the factory in order to produce the first motorcycle. But mysteriously, Mozharov later died, were reportedly due to fatigue. And consequently, the production also faltered.

Although in July 1934, in great financial difficulty and many other difficulties, the manufacturer successfully delivered 10 units of the first motorcycle that is now known as "PMZ A-750". And nine of them were demonstrated to the 'People's Komissar,' or the Communist Party supervisor at the state agency, Sergo Ordzhonikidze. When the workers were planning to produce a total of only 500 machines, he objected. "You have to produce no less than one and a half thousand such machines!"
And of course succeed, even if it means working day and night for the manufacturer workers, because almost all the production lines work by manually. And since that day, PMZ A-750 became the official motorcycle for the Red Army, Police and Secret Service including civilian government agencies in the Soviet Union. The motorcycle model is very popular because their rugged construction and great looks.

However, when it used turned out to be a lot of unexpected things happen, such as less comfortable and sometimes the engine suddenly died without any known cause. Due to the many complaints, and finally the motorcycle production was stopped in 1939.
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