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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Waterless toilet technology is being tested in Africa

Toilet in the home is a luxury things that is not perceived by over 2.6 billion people in the world. In less developed countries such as India and on the African continent, for the toilet which we regard as normal is something that is desirable.

Water scarcity problem and the lack of sewage systems were adequate to cause some sections in those countries had not been able to use the toilet. As a solution, currently is developing a Nano Membrane toilet technology that does not require water and sewerage systems conventionally.
Nano Membrane toilet prototype. (Picture from: bit.ly/1muxC9g)
The Nano Membrane toilet tech was developed by Cranfield University in the UK, which is one winner grants of the Bill and Melinda Gates Fondation which are trying to improve the lives of people who living in developing countries.

The toilet does not require water pumps to clean the dirt after use. After removing impurities, the bottom of the toilet spins to throw dirt into a special storage area.

Nano Membrane toilet design. (Pictures from: bit.ly/1muxC9g)
The solid and liquid wastes will then go through the form of a membrane filter that separates water from solids. Water is separated and then filtered using a hydrophilic beads to produce water that can be reused for a drink or other domestic use.

The dried dung is then stored in a special room that is collected every week. Dirt that is now dry solid form and used as the fuel to generate electricity in the biofuels power generators. Each manure produced will not be wasted otherwise be recycled for the common good.
The Nano Membrane Toilet technology is being tested in Ghana to see its usefulness in a larger scale. Actually, the similar concept used in several environmentally friendly farms in the United States where the animal waste material is recycled into biofuels.
The use of this environmentally friendly technology not only ensures the quality of life of the population increased even reduce dependence on fossil fuels diminishing. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | GIZMAG]
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