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Saturday, November 7, 2015

5 Unnatural-shaped Cars at the SEMA Show 2015

SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show 2015 is an event featuring the latest trends in the aftermarket community. Among the popular aftermarket companies, you can expect to witness some of the vehicles as well.
One of the eccentric and unnatural-shaped cars at the SEMA Show 2015, named Valyrian Steel. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1Pe2YfT)
For the automotive world, they will move on custom cars. This means you will be treated to a display of eccentric and inclined unnatural-shaped vehicles. Well, something like what the eccentric car look? Let's take a look the video below!
Here we have selected the 5 car models with the eccentric design, might be inspired by the post-apocalyptic era that shown in the Mad Max movie:

1. Super Jeep
Well, after saw its shape, what do you thing? If likened to a human, it looks like this car can be defined as people who suffer from elephantiasis. Why not, just look at the tires used by the Jeep.
Super Jeep. (PIcture from: http://bit.ly/1Pe1r9D)
The Super Jeep use 4 tires measuring 54 inches which is designed for large vehicles like Hoover Dam. Most likely, this car is perfect for crossing the desert.

2. Six-Pack 
This car is called Six-Pack. You do not ask why it was named so. But clearly, the Six-Pack has super powers. What is that?
Six-Pack. (PIcture from: http://bit.ly/1Qicz4o)
On the Six-pack custom built car mounted a giant turbo engine and NOS were helped to speeding. Now, by embedding the machine like that, may be enough to tear a banner on the road when the car passed by. Because the resulting output power is 1000 hp. Wow!

3. Mad-Maxxis Off-Roadrunner
The winner of the car punniest at SEMA Show 2015, Mad-Maxxis Off-Roadrunner is another perfect car for driving at high speed on the desert. This is caused by embedding the Cummins 5.0 liter V8 diesel engine that taken from the new Nissan Titan.
Mad-Maxxis Off-Roadrunner. (PIcture from: http://bit.ly/1LTL4Lz)
Unnatural display seen on the off-road suspension part that makes the wheels always tread on the ground whatever the terrain was.

4. River Rock Rat
This car is very unnatural in terms of its makeup. River Rock Rat was more suitable for use as a combatan car. But it is true that the car used to fight. It's just fighting the flood.
River Rock Rat. (PIcture from: http://bit.ly/1Pe1r9D)
By using of 4 giant tires like that, it seems to be easy to hit flood despite unfavorable field conditions. River Rock Rat claimed will conquer any obstacles in the way. Partly thanks to 1400 lb-ft of torque.

5. Valyrian Steel
Valyrian Steel has a body that is more similar to an irregular roller coaster trajectory. Make no mistake, this design turned out to take a lot of attention of the SEMA Show 2015 visitors. In addition to its unique and unnatural design, many people ask how to driving it.
Valyrian Steel. (PIcture from: http://bit.ly/1MmP9cr)
Valyrian Steel more suitable to use as a vehicle in fantasy movies driven by an evil queen with many followers in tow. In spite of it all, the concept of such a design is completely unique and unlike any other cars. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | FOURWHEELER NETWORK | AUTOGUIDE]
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