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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

This extreme car has amazing speed

This small car has an awesome power named 'Quantum GP700' that made by the Australian automotive company is worthy of inclusion in the ranks of the super fast cars ever.
Quantum GP700. (Picture from: http://aol.it/1EVOTZF)
Although the size is fairly minimalist, but the car that made by Quantum Performance Vehicles is capable of acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 2.6 seconds. With its speed, the Quantum GP700 will become a serious competitor to the Ariel Atom, or KTM X-Bow which is known as the vehicle that has an amazing speed.
Right side view of Quantum GP700. (Picture from: http://aol.it/1EVOTZF)
Because of its size, minimalist, this special car also has a relatively small engine. Jeff David's car creations is pinned with a 2.7 liter four-cylinder engine with double supercharger.
Rear side view of Quantum GP700. (Picture from: http://aol.it/1EVOTZF)
The engine combined with a six-speed Holinger sequential gearbox is capable of spraying power of 700 hp and 482 lb-ft of torque. Total weight alone reached 700 kilograms.
Rear view of Quantum GP700. (Picture from: http://aol.it/1EVOTZF)
The plan, this is just a super fast car will be marketed in several countries, including the United States. "Because only limited production, we will only offer to the US," said the manufacturer to Autoblog.
Regarding to the price, Quantum reportedly will release the car to the range of US. $700 thousand, or equivalent Rp.9.27 billion. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | QUANTUM PV | AUTOBLOG]
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