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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pure-Mech Exoskeleton On Legs makes it easier to walk

The external ankle devices that help people walk deemed impossible to be designed if without some sort of extra power. But US scientists at Carnegie Mellon University and University of North Carolina have made a little extra and can be used on a regular shoes which can reduce the burden of the calf muscles and facilitate to walking.
Scientists have invented a wearable device that decreases the amount of energy required to walk functionally — no motor or batteries needed. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1CyNgjj)
By burn fewer calories when walking seems like a bad idea, but it makes walking more light may be able to make the walk longer, and it is according to scientists, have substantial health benefits. By analyzing how humans walk, two biomedical engineers Steven Collins and Greg Sawicki concluded that the ankle and calf movements similar to spring that has a clutch when it save and release energy.
The exoskeleton boot on a person walking in a park in Pittsburgh. Engineers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed an exoskeleton boot that makes it easier to walk, burning less calories. (Picture from: http://dailym.ai/1a8RNCh)
Sawicki said that he and his colleague, Steven Collins at Carnegie Mellon University, designed a mechanical device made of carbon fiber and metal, which perform the same circuit with the uptake and energy expenditure outside the body. The system took over the walking load and reduce the amount of energy required to 7 percent.

Wearing non electrically powered external ankle can help people to walk farther with the same energy, or improve the normal movement patterns for people who have difficulty walking. Sawicki says only need a few minutes to get used to using external ankle but the wearer's will walk soon to reduce muscle energy by means of a load takeover as such.
He added that the device was primarily intended for people who are recovering from surgery or stroke. But people who spend a lot of time walking, such as police or hospital personnel, also can took the benefit from it.

At this time there are no plans to develop the external ankle to the market, but its creators say some manufacturing companies have shown interest. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | DAILYMAIL | TECHTIMES]
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