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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Assemble it first... If you want this sports car!!

Today the car kit wasn't new thing, many automotive companies have been producing the reproduction vehicles that are no longer made ​​for many years with the original design. Recently, the latest car kit was displayed in a tempting looks and has been made its debut at the 2014 Montreal International Auto Show exhibition which held on January 17-26, 2014 in the Montreal's Palais-des-Congres.
Dubuc SLC Tomahawk on the 2014 Montreal International Auto Show. (Picture from: http://superlightcar.ca/)
As reported by Autoblog, the car was named 'Tomahawk' which offers a looks of the supercar style and performance for the budget class vehicles. Besides, the car is a two-seat sports car with the 100% completely designed and manufactured by Dubuc Super Light Car (SLC), a recently established Quebec City based automaker company.

Front left side view of Dubuc SLC Tomahawk. (Picture from: http://superlightcar.ca/)
"Three kit car projects out of five are never completed because owners become discouraged. We went through eight years of work and numerous concepts to offer something that would be easy to build," stated President Mario Dubuc and co-founder Mike Kakogiannakis.
Interior view of Dubuc SLC Tomahawk. (Picture from: http://superlightcar.ca/)
Car kit manufacturer says that the car can be built around eight times faster than a similar vehicle. One of the advantages of Tomahawk is its design based on an aluminum monocoque frame that has a weighing of 136 kg (300 lbs).
Rear left side view of Dubuc SLC Tomahawk. (Picture from: http://www.carscoops.com/)
The car's frame bound and locked in an ultra-lightweight polymer body that is supported by the Corvette C4 rear and front suspension. The body also has steering wheel support, pre-pierced holes for wires and hoses, and an ergo-dynamically designed cockpit. The cockpit was designed to comfortably hold drivers up to 6'3" (191 cm) and 275 lbs (125 kg).

According to Dubuc, this car is suitable for use a petrol engine or electric motors. The company is currently in talks with TM4 to test designs and control systems, which would result in an electric car entirely designed and built in Quebec. “We have tested the electric market and we have been pleasantly surprised by the response. It is absolutely certain that we are heading in that direction,” added Dubuc.
A variety of standard attributes for a car already provided by Dubuc, start from the scissor doors that open at a 75-degree angle, door panels, dashboard, console, seats, a DOT-approved windshield, a see-through Targa roof and side mirrors. With a size close to a Lamborghini and the weight of a Lotus, the Tomahawk delivers a perfect weight-performance ratio. At less than 1,360 kg (2,000 lbs) fully completed, this sleek kit car drives and brakes like a premium sports vehicle.

To get this car, you had to spend around U.S. $18,904 (or approx Rp. 227.2 million). Total with all its attributes, this car would cost only about U.S. $28,365 (or approx Rp. 341 millions), the price is still pretty cheap for a sports car. Mario Dubuc also said that to assemble this car requires processing time between 1,500-2,000 hours, but with skilled personnel only need 250 hours.. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | DUBUC SLC | AUTOBLOG]
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