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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Human brain can control the Music app

University of Malta researchers developed a technology that allows one to control the music player application with brain waves. As reported by Ubergizmo, on Tuesday, February 4, 2014, the science trying to get into the electrical activity of human brain. Thus, a person suffering from paralysis of the limbs can still pull through activities independently.
The science trying to get into the electrical activity of human brain. (Picture from: http://www.ubergizmo.com/)
Researchers of University of Malta to develop a project which they named EEG-based systems. The system is able to detect Steady State Visually Evoked Potentials (SSVEP) as part of the response to the activities of users who check buttons that light up on the screen.

It allows the user to control the music player using their brain waves. SSVEP associated with the electrical signals produced by the brain in response to flashing lights at certain frequencies.

Researchers set up with the involvement of a computer screen that displays a number of boxes. Each box can be lit with different frequencies.

When a person focuses on one light in one box, this allows the user generating specific SSVEP can be captured by EEG. Detecting corresponding SSVEP will allow the system to activate the music player keys relevant.. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | UBERGIZMO | MEDGADGET]
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