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Monday, January 27, 2014

Zenos E10 roadster

Since stepping down from the CEO position at Caterham in 2012, British businessman Ansar Ali together with fellow former Caterham executive Mark Edwards went on to start their own car brand, Zenos Cars. And at the Autosport International 2014 that was held on January 9-12, 2014 in Birmingham, they had shown their newest 2-seater roadster, Zenos E10.
The Zenos E10 made its debut at Autosport International 2014 in Birmingham. (Picture from: http://www.gadgetreview.com/)
Ignoring the similarities between the E10 and Caterham’s recent concept, AeroSeven which is due to spawn a production version, given its affordable pricing and specifications of Zenos car should be able to carve out its own niche in the track car market. Zenos E10 also has the advantage that it is road legal in most of the markets it's been announced for.
Zenos E10 grille. (Picture from: http://www.gizmag.com/)
Zenos E10 is a car that designed to carry 2 passengers and using a Ford engine with a capacity of 2 liters. The engine can produce power up to 200 hp and torque of 210 Nm. This car also has a very light weight, which is only 650 kg (1,433 lbs) and the ratio of power-to-weight of 300 hp/tonne. While the car's ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in just 4.5 seconds and is also capable of driving up to a top speed of 217 kph (135 mph).
Zenos E10 cockpit. (Picture from: http://fortyonesix.com/)
Under the car body, there are 18 panels that are the unique design of the car chassis. Zenos name itself is taken from the 'ZEN' word that means 'pure', and the 'OS' is taken from the Latin word meaning 'vertebrates'.

Left side view of Zenos E10. (Picture from: http://www.gizmag.com/)
E10 is supported by a backbone made ​​of aluminum throughout the car, which gives the impression of a rigid torque and equipped with a rear sub frame made ​​from aluminum as well. For the driver and passenger seats made ​​of carbon composite material mono that made ​​from recycled carbon fiber with thermoplastic coated, so making it lightweight, strong and efficient.
Zenos E10 rear. (Picture from: http://www.autoweek.nl/)
Its front and rear suspension wearing double wishbone that connect directly to the spine, bespoke tires, and Alcon (two Pot) racing calliper brakes in the front and OEM with integrated handbrake in the back. The cars will enter into the production line start by the end of 2014. So, in the first quarter of 2015 the customers will be able to get the sport cars.
The Zenos E10 sells for a base price of £24,995 (U.S $40,800), but the first 75 E10s to come off the line will be the Launch Edition, which will sell for £28,995 (U.S $47,300) and includes a six-speed manual gearbox, a limited slip differential, a quick release steering wheel, bespoke Zenos composite seats, four-point race harness, an OZ performance wheel pack with ZZR Avon tires, footwell heating, and special red "launch edition" wings. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | ZENOS CARS | GIZMAG]
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