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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Smart contact lens for Diabetics

One more new product that is being done by the world's biggest search engine, Google through  its Google X's division. Not sunglasses or watches, this time Google announced an exciting project which is developing a smart contact lenses.

This is not just any contact lens, because it is aimed at the health sector, especially for diabetics so that they can monitor their health condition. The project called Smart Contact Lens that announced by Google via its official blog following some prototype photos of the contact lens. With a shape like a regular contact lens, this device also worn like contact lenses in general.
Image of Google Smart Contact Lens. (Picture from: http://bgr.com/)
What distinguishes these contact lenses with others, definitely the technology that is in it, where the Smart Contact Lens is equipped with a wireless miniature and miniature glucose sensor. Sensors and the WiFi chips embedded between two layers of contact lenses. BG detection itself is done through the tears, which then detection results will be informed to the user.
Google Smart Contact Lens equipped with a wireless miniature and miniature glucose sensor. (Picture from: http://bgr.com/)
Google claims that they were testing the contact lens, to monitor glucose levels with the rate of one per second, and Google also examined warning system in people who wear contact lenses. Google also was trying to integrate a tiny LED lights to the contact lenses that will be able to give a warning when it getting glucose level changes.

Google called this project was still in the early stages but they have completed a number of clinical research studies that are used to make these contact lenses for the better. Besides, Google also has also been discussing with the FDA regarding this new product, but there is still much work to be done on the contact lens prototype before it can be used by people with diabetes. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | BGR]
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