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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Unique, Vespa styled segway!

Segway became popular as a personal vehicle. With the unique way of operation by relying on balance considered attractive, making its population more and more. A Catalan designer firm specialising in motorcycles and motorcycle related items, Bel & Bel also see the opportunity to present a segway with the typical look of classical Vespa.
The "Vespa Segway", a daring and extremely cool idea coming from Spain. (Picture from: http://www.autoevolution.com/)
As reported by Motoblog on Tuesday, December 3, 2013, that the vehicle is subsequently referred to as the Vespa Segway using Piaggio's original parts. Consumers can order according to taste, what kind of Vespa models to be used as the main face.
The Vespa Segway has been manufactured by hand using original Piaggio parts and can be further customized upon desire. (Picture from: http://www.autoevolution.com/)
Classical looks are now mated to a new technology. The hallmark of Vespa could seen on the main lights, shield, and handlebars. While on the back where the wheels were given a cover that is designed like a wasp tail.
The hallmark of Vespa could seen on the main lights, shield, and handlebars. (Picture from: http://www.autoevolution.com/)
The vehicle uses an electric motor powered 1.34 PS. If the battery is full, then the distance that can be gone through as far as 35 km (21.7 miles) with a top speed of 20 kph (12.4 mph). It can carry a load up to 180 kg (397 lbs) and can climb 30-degree slopes.

If you want to have it, then you have to order in advance. For one unit of Vespa Segway, it took more than two weeks at a price of € 2,899 or equivalent to Rp. 46 millions. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES  | BEL & BEL | MOTOBLOG | AUTOEVOLUTION | VESPARADE]
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