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Monday, October 21, 2013

The Dutch eco-friendly scooter

The Be.e electric scooter becoming one of the best environmentally friendly technological innovation after it was released on June 27, 2013. There are something unique from the Dutch electric scooter, because the body is made of hemp fibers. Is she beautiful as a hybrid motorcycle.?
The Be.e scooter is the best green technology today and tomorrow. (Picture from: http://vaneko.com/)
The Be.e scooter was created by Maarten Heijltjes and Simon Akkaya, the duo designers at Waarmakers for brand Van.Eko whose body is composed of compressed plants. The natural fiber-reinforced composites (NFCs) replace traditional plastics and metals with hemp, flax and bio-resins that act in a similar fashion to an eggshell.
The Be.e scooter uses monocoque structure means there is no internal frame. (Picture from: http://www.dezeen.com/)
As quoted from Gizmag, a vehicle designed as a cheap and environmentally friendly scooter. So it is not surprising if the scooter has battery powered and involve plants as raw material. Flax is a very useful plant, and the seeds start to fruit is very tasty and nutritious. Even thousands of years ago, the flax fibers is used as a skin protector by the European community.

The Be.e electric scooter detail. 
(Picture from: http://www.dezeen.com/)
The Be.e scooter ability and feasibility has been tested in Amsterdam. Where the scooter can run up to 55 km/h (34 mph) with power that generated from its 4 kw electric motor and can climb hills with a 15% grade. With 48V/40Ah battery capacity so as to provide power to a distance of 55 km (34 miles). But if you want to go further up to 80 km (50 miles), the scooter must be driven up to 25 km/hour (16 mph).

This scooter also has two option of the battery charging: ie it able to be installed and juiced by a 600W charger. This green scooter rely on the LED for lighting in the front and rear, while its chassis is made of iron. The net weight of 95 kg (209 lb), but the scooter is able to withstand the rider loads up to 180 kg (400 lb).

These scooters are assembled and manufactured in the Netherlands, suitable for wet weather with little light. The Be.e concept aims to provide a solution. Not just for the mobility issues, ours and future generations face, but also the challenges that our finite resources provide.
Van.eko also offer a 5 year or 50,000 km warranty on all parts. Currently the scooters intended for the streets of Europe, the Be.e will help replace gas-powered commuters with more sustainable, next generation alternatives. Are you interested to have one? *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | WAARMAKERS | VAN.EKO | INHABITAT | GIZMAG | GALIH PAKUAN | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 18102013]
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