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Sunday, July 14, 2013

5 classical Harley Davidsons motorcycles

Since its establishment in Milwaukee Wisconsin as the motorcycle industry in 1903. At that time Bill Harley and Arthur Walter Davidson built a one-cylinder motorcycle for their own use. This motorcycle was well built and they ended up selling it, that put them in the motorcycles manufacturing business.

Since then the company which commonly abbreviated "HD" has inspired many automotive businesses in the world until now. Currently the Harley Davidson has managed to create a strong image as an American motorcycle, as well as the world's most prestigious motorcycle. It is seen from the magnitude of the HD community around the world, complete with its fanaticism.
The first factory of Harley Davidson in 1903. (Picture from: http://www.harley-davidson.com/)
In 2010 alone, licensing for use the HD's brand and logo which is accounted for 40 million U.S. dollars to the company. However, how is the HD motorcycle which is classified classic and legendary? Although quite difficult to choose, here we summarize the five of Harley Davidson motorcycles which is classified classic and legendary:

5. 5D V-Twin
Motorcycle has a V-Twin cylinder engine with capacity of 811 cc was first launched in 1909 and immediately reached double-digit sales in a year. This best-selling motorcycle also boost the Harley Davidson brand at the time.
1909 Harley Davidson 5D V-Twin. (Picture from: http://harley-davidson.oldcarandtruckpictures.com/)
Despite increased, apparently 5D models have some shortcomings. One is the size of the chassis that is longer than the machine, it does not accommodate setting a 45 degree angle twin-cylinder on machine. Once the deficiency is corrected, the HD launch the new model in 1910 called 5Ds as much 27 units with overall improvement.

4. 8 Valve Racer 
The motorcycle was coming in 'speed' genre, initially only produced in small amounts. The least amount production of 8 Valve Racer is not because Harley does not want to sell it. However, the price offered at U.S. $ 1,500 in 1921, is fairly high at the time.
1921 Harley Davidson 8 Valve Racer. (Picture from: http://www.liveauctioneers.com/)
By using an engine specifications which has capacity of 1,000 cc, could make a lot of people are going to glance at when we ride it. The exhaust without silencer  so that the power could be maximized when driven at high speed. At that time, this motorcycle has won at many motorcycle  races with a speed of over 100 mph. A Harley-Davidson 8 Valve Racer became the first bike to break the 100 mile-per-hour mark in England.

3. JDH
Meaning of JD on this Harley Davidson motorcycle is often touted with the juvenile delinquency. However, in the year 1928-1929, its name changed to JDH or also known as Two-cam Harley.
1928 Harley Davidson Two-cam JDH. (Picture from: http://www.motorarchive.com/)
With an engine specifications which has capacity of 1,200 cc, so made this bike recorded as the fastest big motorcycle that ever made. The modern appearance can be seen from the larger fuel tank.  In 1929 if you want to be a hero, it became a must ride this motorcycle.

2. KR-750
The KR-750, first produced in 1953, was a purpose-built motorcycle to compete in mile, half-mile, and TT racing venues. The KR was powered by a 750 cc side-valve (flathead) engine, whose design dated back to the 1920's.
Harley Davidson KR-750. (Picture from: http://www.motorrevu.hu/)
In 1934, the A.M.A. set up rules to have fair and equal competition for all manufacturers, much like today's NASCAR. These rule changes gave flathead-powered motorcycles a 250 cc advantage over their overhead-cam counterparts, which pitted the American 750 cc flatheads against British 500 cc overheads.
Harley Davidson XR-750. (Picture from: http://www.midamericaauctions.com/)
This 'equivalency formula' remained for three decades until 1969, when new rules allowed any 750 cc bike that was offered to the public eligible to race. With the KR-750 at a disadvantage. Harley-Davidson swapped the side-valve KR motor for a de-stroked XLR Sportster engine, and the KR-750 became the XR-750.

1. WLA
Harley Davidson WLA motorcycle, dubbed the "Liberator," because initially the motorcycles are made for the U.S. Army as support on the liberation efforts in Europe during World War II. Many troops use WLA motorcycle and managed to free the European cities from the grip of Nazi-Germany. In addition to used during World War II, the motorcycle is also used in the Korean War.

1942 Harley Davidson WLA. (Picture from: http://auto.howstuffworks.com/)
Motorcycle users are not limited use by the United States Army, some allied countries also use the bike as an everyday tasks vehicle for their soldiers. Features of this bike is not much different from the other bikes, as a clear differentiator is the motorcycle using the customized paint of military colors and accessories that supporting soldier duties. (Another Info about HD-WLA.) *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | HARLEY DAVIDSON | RESSA HIDAYAT | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 12072013]
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