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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

12+ The Coolest Lamborghini's supercars concept (Part-2)

Lamborghini is an Italian sports car manufacturing company has come up with many of its sports car models and concepts that has thrilled the whole world with its features and looks. Whenever we talk about the sports cars, Lamborghini comes to our mind.

The company released its first sports car model in mid 1960s. After the launch of its first sports car, Lamborghini has released many of its amazing sports car that shows that Lamborghini is one of leading brand in sports car manufacturing industry.

Lamborghini comes up regularly with some new designs and innovations in automobile industry with its unique team of designers ans engineers. Presently the Lamborghini is under the assets of Audi, a subsidiary of Volkswagen group. Here we have the 2nd listed of the coolest 12 Lamborghini sports car concepts that are waiting to scorch the road and will be available soon in the market.

6. Lamborghini Cachazo
This new concept from Marouane Bembli is a tribute to Lamborghini. Bembli is desperate about making a Gallardo as the Ferrari 458 Italia is already out and the successor of Murcielago is just around the corner. Dubbed as Lamborghini Cachazo, the vehicle is lively and easy on eye with a plenty of Lamborghini DNA in it.
Front-side view of Lamborghini Cachazo. (Picture from: http://www.automotto.com/)
Some alterations are done in this concept car that makes it somewhat different from other Lamborghini car concepts. The car is designed for a eco friendly environment.
Rear-side view of Lamborghini Cachazo. (Picture from: http://www.automotto.com/)
Now a days most of the sports cars run on gasoline but this car concept utilizes ethanol as its fuel for getting power. The choice of fuel does not affect the efficiency and the purpose of the car but gives a greener way to race with it.

5. Lamborghini Embolado Concept
The Lamborghini Embolado concept is the creation of Luca Serafini, an Industrial Design student at the University of Parma in Italy. The Embolado concept is based on the dimensions of the Lamborghini Gallardo, which helps to give the concept some credibility. Although as the Embolado is an independent design the chances of production are zero.
Lamborghini Embolado Concept. (Picture from: http://thefunkyzone.com/)
The name of the Lamborghini Embolado comes from a Spanish festival called the "Toro Embolado". The festival involves releasing a bull into the streets with a burning ball attached to its horns. Although now it is common for someone to carry a bull shaped framework instead of using a live bull.
Rear view of Lamborghini Embolado. (PIcture from: http://toqoku.com/)
The design of the Lamborghini Embolado is characterized by aggressive lines, sharp edges and short front and rear overhangs. The dominating side air intakes just forward of the rear wheels give the car a variety of interesting shadows and highlights around the rear arches and side sills. The nose of the Embolado and the rear panel, are however slightly more difficult to define. The rear panel is cluttered, although the shapes and layout do stand out as belonging to a Lamborghini. While the nose of the Embolado looks dated when compared to the Murcielago LP640 and Gallardo front ends. But with minor changes these problems could easily be rectified.

4. Lamborghini Furia Concept
The Lamborghini Furia concept is the work of Amadou Ndiaye, an industrial design student at the University of Montreal. The Furia is based on the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 platform and the proposed drivetrain includes the same 5.2 litre V10 producing over 550 horsepower.
Lamborghini Furia Concept. (PIcture from: http://listphobia.com/)
The Furia was designed to be an exclusive version of the Gallardo - in the same way the Reventon is a limited edition version of the Murcielago. This means significantly more aggressive and dramatic lines, especially at the rear where Ndiaye has given the car a wider stance around the rear wheel arches, larger air intakes and a heavily revised rear engine cover which runs up into the roof panel to provide a partially glazed roof. This has the effect of bringing additional natural light into the cabin.
Side view of Lamborghini Furia Concept. (PIcture from: http://www.revmods.com/)
From the front angle the differences are less obvious. The headlights incorporate a unique design feature in the form of a subtle illuminated strip which runs just above the main headlights acting as daytime running lights. The front grilles are enlarged to provide better cooling airflow, and a pair of discreet driving lights are integrated into the grille surrounds.

3. Lamborghini X Concept
Emil Baddal didn’t seem to like the Lamborghini Reventon supercar, so the talent Iranian artist created his own view of the vehicle, known as the Lamborghini X Concept. Who needs a complicated branding for such a beautiful concept car?
Lamborghini X Concept. (Picture from: http://www.emilbadal.com/)
The front of the supercar looks great, but I have to say that Lamborghini X is a tad bulky and its wheels are far too big to be practical. Also, the concept is square-ish and it lacks the sensuality and curves that were present (although a little bit) on the latest Lamborghini models.
Rear view of Lamborghini X Concept. (Picture from: http://www.emilbadal.com/)
Since Lambos are usually associated with bulls, I’d have to compare the X with a shark, simply by having a look at its front side. How many horse power would one hide under this beast’s carbon fibre chassis? Would this defeat a Veyron? How about a GTR?

2. Lamborghini Concept S
The House of the Raging Bull has shown the first driveable prototype of the Lamborghini “Concept S” at the Monterey Concorso Italiano and at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in the USA. The Lamborghini "Concept S" design study premiered at the 2012 Geneva Motorshow as an extreme and spectacular expression of the Lamborghini brand.
Lamborghini Concept S. (Picture from: http://lamborghinicars.in/)
It was created at the Centro Stile Lamborghini in Sant’Agata Bolognese by Luc Donckerwolke, the head of Lamborghini design who drew inspiration from the classic single-seater racing cars of the past using the Lamborghini Gallardo’s floorplan.
Front view of Lamborghini Concept S. (Picture from: http://thisandthatandmoreofthesame.blogspot.com/)
And like the Gallardo, which serves as the basis for this stunning supersportscar, the "Concept S" is equipped with a powerful V10 engine. The aerodynamics of the "Concept S" have been optimised thanks to front and rear spoilers and a large rear diffuser.  An electronically controlled, retractable central rear view mirror allows the driver to see what is happening behind the car – when required.

Classic single-seaters did not have a traditional windscreen, but utilised the „saute-vent“ in order to direct air over the head of the driver.  In the "Concept S", these devices divide the cabin into two distinct compartments, giving the car an aggressive and futuristic look.

1. Lamborghini Madura Concept
The Lamborghini Madura concept car was imagined by Slavche Tanevsky, a student at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. It was created in partnership with Lamborghini and Audi designers for Lamborghini’s Raw Materials Project. Slavche has designed a model with the classic, aggressive lines of a Lambo, but with a hybrid engine. This concept vehicle carries the name of an island in Indonesia, well known for its bull races.
Lamborghini Madura Concept. (PIcture from: http://www.otohybrid.com/)
Although it slightly resembles the Reventon and the Estoque, the overall design of this hybrid concept car is more aggressive and more focused. The front-mid placed hybrid drivetrain is "hidden" under the curvy hood. In the front side the Madura has huge air intakes and slim headlights, oriented in such a way to accentuate the cars’ width.
Rear view of Lamborghini Madura Concept. (Picture from: http://www.carevos.com/)
"The Madura is a proposal for the first hybrid Lamborghini scheduled for 2016. Doing a car more efficient and more nature-friendly, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be exciting, good-looking and fast. (But) in my opinion this new propulsion system should be represented on the looks of the car." said Tanevsky.

Here's the plus:
Lamborghini Minotauro Concept
There's something about Lamborghini that inspires students of design to try and improve what is already one of the world's most exotic supercars. Witness the Madura, Insecta, Embolado and many other concepts that we've written above. No exception for Andrei Avarvarii, a student getting his Master's degree at Milan's Scuola Politecnica di Design, has designed this electric Lamborghini's bull concept with assistance from Filippo Perini, Lamborghini head of design, he used a "soft design language" in creating the Minotauro.
Lamborghini Minotauro Concept. (Picture from: http://www.carscoops.com/)
The concept featuring with four asynchronous motors that divide the power 70% to the rear and 30% to the front axle; the car's electricity is supplied by a Li-Tec flatcell battery pack located in the rear, doubled by a KERS system in the front. The absence of a big V12 engine in the rear creates enough room for a third passenger in a central position. That's right, there's a third seat for the person who goes along for the ride, yelling and screaming because you're going so extremely fast. Access to this back seat is provided by the extra-long "Lambo door" on the passenger side. While the driver's door would be normal.

Rear view of Lamborghini Minotauro Concept. (Picture from: http://www.carscoops.com/)
The coolest design idea of all, look at those triangular intakes/exhausts that serve for battery cooling and visually replace the traditional exhausts and also act like the tubes of a subwoofer, channeling the sound of the electric motors. (Back to Part-1.) *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | CONCEPT SUPERCARS]

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