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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Guest Post: Electric Car Servicing and Maintenance

Petrol and diesel-powered cars ruled the previous century. However, electric cars are entering new markets every year because of their low fuel (electricity) costs and also relatively low maintenance costs compared to gasoline-powered cars. Also, these cars are environment friendly and are famously called as 'green cars.' Electric cars are being produced all around the world today due to increasing gasoline costs and also environmental issues. Most customers purchase these cars for their lower handling costs and also the 'zero emission' factor.

The increase in the sales of electric cars is a direct consequence of the fact that these cars save a lot of money to the owner. Electricity costs lesser than gas. Most electric cars are serviced by authorized service centers recommended by the dealers from whom you buy the car. These cars do not contain combustion engines and operate with the help of batteries and an electric motor. Let us try to understand more about what kind of service and maintenance is required for electric cars.

Service and Maintenance
Electric cars contain very less parts inside them as compared to gasoline-driven cars. Therefore, the maintenance costs of these cars are significantly low. The batteries of electric cars last for approximately 100,000 miles. This is the only big maintenance issue. Other than this, there are no major problems with electric cars that require a lot of spending.

Electric cars contain an electric motor that drives the car with some six to seven more parts that help in rotating the tires. Estimates suggest that maintaining an electric car can cost one-third the amount it takes to maintain a normal gasoline-driven car.

The batteries are the most expensive parts in an electric car. Batteries lose their ability to hold a charge over time. This is true for all kinds of batteries. After some 100,000 miles, you may need to change your batteries. These can get so expensive sometimes that buying a new electric car would seem a better option.
The motor brushes in an electric car wear out over time due to constant friction. These brushes may need replacement after nearly fifty to sixty thousand miles. It is also good to carry out periodic checks to make sure the electric components and minor parts are all fine.

The maintenance of electric cars compared to other types of cars is significantly low. Due to the fact that these cars do not contain complex engines with parts like pistons or valves, the maintenance costs reduce to a great extent.

It is wise to have a proper understanding and knowledge of electric cars before purchasing one. Make sure to ask the dealer in detail about things that need regular checks in these kind of cars. Also, enquire about servicing options and requirements. Electric car servicing definitely requires less money than a gas-powered car. Finding a good auto mechanic who can help you with repairs of your electric car can take some time. However, mechanisms of electric cars are very simple and relatively easy to understand. This is the reason most mechanics can handle repairs of these cars with relative ease. *** [By: ERIC MUHANJISERVICINGSTOP | EDITOR: EKA]
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