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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Guest Post: Are German Cars Really the Most Reliable?

German cars have always been popular because of their reputation. They say all good things come to an end. Recently there have been many accusations aimed at German cars claiming that they are not as reliable as they seem.

WarrantyDirect, a warranty provider recently carried out a study which pointed out that German cars are the most likely to get problems with their engine. They have 50,000 policies and are the market leaders within their industry.

BMW, Audi and Volkswagen were pointed out for being the most vulnerable to repairs. With Audi being the worst German car, second came MG. Every 1 in 27 Audi failed and every 1 in 13 MG’s also failing. Mini, a German owned car came in third place with a rate of 1 in every 40 engines failing. BMW were in seventh place with 1 in every 45 engines needing repairs and Volkswagen came in at 9th place with a rate of 1 in every 52.
German brands, including Volkswagen, didn't perform well in the study by WarrantyDirect. (Picture from: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/)
Japanese cars have also been known as a reliable brand and they didn’t disappoint in the ratings. Honda finished in the number one spot, with 1 in every 344 cars failing. Toyota finished in second place with a rate of 1 in every 171 failing. Mercedes were the best ranking German brand, finishing in third, recording an engine failure rate of 1 in 119.

Top 10 Car Failures:
  1. Honda (failure rate: 1 in 344)
  2. Toyota (failure rate: 1 in 171)
  3. Mercedes-Benz (failure rate: 1 in 119)
  4. Volvo (failure rate: 1 in 111)
  5. Jaguar (failure rate: 1 in 103)
  6. Lexus (failure rate: 1 in 101)
  7. Fiat (failure rate: 1 in 85)
  8. Ford (failure rate: 1 in 80)
  9. Nissan (failure rate: 1 in 76)
  10. Land Rover (failure rate: 1 in 72)
Bottom 10 Car Failures:
  1. MG Rover (failure rate: 1 in 13)
  2. Audi (failure rate: 1 in 27)
  3. Mini (failure rate: 1 in 40)
  4. Saab (failure rate: 1 in 40)
  5. Vauxhall (failure rate: 1 in 41)
  6. Peugeot (failure rate: 1 in 44)
  7. BMW (failure rate: 1 in 45)
  8. Renault (failure rate: 1 in 46)
  9. Volkswagen (failure rate: 1 in 52)
  10. Mitsubishi (failure rate: 1 in 59)
The highest cost of an engine failure comes from a Range Rover Vogue, costing £12,998,46. Duncan McClure Fisher, the WarrantyDirect Managing Director stated that engine failures are the most feared types of repair. The cost of parts and labor time needed to fix such a problem is on the larger scale when compared to any other sort of repair. *** [By: ERIC MUHANJI | SERVICINGSTOP | WARRANTYDIRECT | TELEGRAPH | EDITOR: EKA]
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About the author:
Oliver Richmond is the director of ServicingStop.co.uk – a nationwide online automotive MOT and Service network with over 1,000 garages in the UK.
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