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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Swiss Ecomobile

Peraves MonoTracer is a motorcycle with a body made ​​entirely enclosed. A sporty, aero-dynamic and low fuel consumption is an advantage as well as the main attraction of this motor.
The new Peraves MonoTracer. Is it a motorcycle? (Picture from: http://motorcyclephotooftheday.com/)
Peraves MonoTracer is a new version Swiss-made Ecomobile has been updated making it more attractive. You really need the mind of a Swiss engineer to come up with a vehicle that combines the lithe maneuverability of a motorcycle with the not-getting-rained-on-ability of a conventional automobile.

In addition to looking as though it just fell out of a time machine from a distant and much cooler future, the MonoTracer furnishes its driver (and one passenger) with such luxuries as air-conditioning and windshield wipers, plus the safety of a cockpit made from Kevlar and carbon fiber and reinforced with an aluminum roll cage.
Peraves MonoTracer's Gull-wing-door with two seater. (Picture from: http://my350z.com/)
Peraves MonoTracer
front view. (Picture from:
This vehicle using in-line four, 1,200cc BMW's four-stroke engine with maximum power output 114hp at 8,000rpm and 117Nm at 6,750rpm of torque, shaft drive transmission 4 speed with reverse.

Peraves MotoTracer could reach maximum speed of 250kph and gets about 28 km/L of fuel consumption. This ecomobile can travel a distance of 0-100 km/h in just 5.7 seconds with weight 460-485 kgs.

Peraves MonoTracer's 
cockpit. (Picture from:
The suspension is handled by Marzocchi 50mm USD-forks up front and at the rear a Monolever shaft swingarm. Entry is via a Gull-wing-door with integrated sunroof, opening to the left.

The real beauty of the Monotracer is its ability to combine the benefits of both motorcycles and sports cars. The Monotracer can lean like a bike, but at low speeds or when undergoing steep angle turns, small wheels normally recessed in the body lower themselves to provide stability.

Inside the Peraves Monotracer there is room for two people seated in tandem. The seats are RECARO-contour-seats with 3-point-automatic-safety belts, and the driver and passenger can enjoy the benefits of a GPS and audio system.
This MonoTracer can be parked in your garage, just buy it with U.S $ 75,000. *** [JAM | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 05102012]
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