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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vespa 946 Production Has been Approved

Piaggio has given "green light" for Vespa 946 produced for the North American market, as one representative of the next generation of typical Italian scooter brand, as reported by Autoguide (19/03/2012).

Although not yet determined when, the new Piaggio scooters present estimated end of the year with Canopord 1200 and Moto Guzzi California 1400 as 2013 models. 

In concept, the Vespa 946 first appeared in EICMA 2011 was also called the "Quarantasei" in Italian. The selection of these 46 numbers for this vehicle is unique because it represents the Vespa generation of 1946 design era, where the first years of Vespa scooters produced. However, the Vespa 946 also represents a futuristic design elements with metallic paint, then hanging seat design and swooping forward.
At EICMA 2011 the Vespa 946 unveils a possible future with a tribute to the MP6, the original prototype and progenitor of the world’s most famous scooter, an unsurpassed example of Italian style and creativity. By distilling the essence of a scooter that changed the style of individual mobility forever and enhancing the lines that secured its success, the Pontedera Style Centre has projected the Vespa into a possible future where references and projections, tradition and innovation, merge seamlessly. (Picture from: http://www.uk.vespa.com/)
For propulsion, the Vespa 946 adopts a single machine that uses three valves is a new technology, as well as air-cooled and injection, which is designed to provide fuel savings, air content and a more refined sound. 

Piaggio plans to produce scooters with a choice of 125 or 150 cc engines. Then for the 125 cc engine is claimed to provide a maximum output 11.15 PS and torque of 10.29 Nm. While the 150 cc can be produced by 13.18 PS with 12.59 Nm of torque. *** [RIDWAN PUTRA | TRIBUN TIMUR 20032012 | OKEZONE]
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