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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Save Water From Now

Humans are "water beings". More than 70% of the composition of the human body contains water. Where an individual who does not need water. A person can survive longer without food, but not if without water. So even with the other inhabitants of our planet such as animal and plant life depend on water.

Because of its vital water in the activities of life, the United Nations (UN) on the 47th General Assembly on December 22, 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, launched the World Water Day is celebrated on every March 22. Purpose of the celebration of World Water Day is an effort to draw public attention to the importance of clean water, as well as awareness-raising efforts for the management of water resources is sustainable.

This is why one of the UN’s goals for World Water Day is for countries and people around the world to better understand water-related issues and the challenges population growth, industrialization in emerging countries, conflicts, natural disasters, wasteful uses of water, and climate change have on the world’s potable (drinkable) water supplies.

For this year's World Water Day theme of "Water and Food Security". It relies on the availability of clean water crisis that occurred in various places on earth, which impact on food resistance.

This day was set aside by the UN to raise awareness about the fact that still today – long into the new millenium – more than 11% of the world’s population do not have access to clean drinking water. As a direct result, over 4000 children die every day. World Water Day is also meant to draw attention to the less obvious externalities of a chronic shortage of water. 1 billion of the current 7 billion people sharing the Earth are currently going hungry. The reason we in the developed world are not going hungry is because we can afford to pay for the exponentially higher water requirements needed to produce our food. They cannot. And by 2050, 2 billion more people are expected to join them.

Another obvious solution is to stop eating or reducing your consumption of beef. Besides the damaging effects of raising cattle on the environment, producing 1 kg of beef also uses ten times more water (15,000 liters!) than producing the same amount of wheat. Eating less beef is easy. I stopped eating all meat 6 months ago and it has been one of the easiest changes in my life, certainly much easier than giving up smoking. 

Do not let low because of our concern at this time, the worse the effect on the generation of our children. They are increasingly difficult to get clean water because of its availability is scarce.
Save Water. Every drop, counts. (Photo credit: Diganta Talukdar)
To solve the problem of water crisis, here are some things we can do:
  • We can start from ourselves, from the smallest thing, and from now on..!
  • Hold up, to waste water..!
  • Hold down the things that cause damage to nature..! 
Save water from now! For future water and food availability..!  *** [CECEP HUSNI MUBAROK, S.KOM. | EMINAYIDEN | WATERLESSCO | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 22032012] 
[This article is made to welcome The 2012 World Water Day]
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Find out which one works for you by browsing the waterday website below.
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