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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Habits That Can Aggravate Male Fertility

Nothing wrong with the husband went to the doctor. Because the husband can also be a factor the absence of a child for the couple. The literature mentions male infertility contributed for 30-40 percent of the infertile couples.

Otherwise infertile couples if regular intercourse without contraception more than a year, but have not been blessed with children. In this case, a varicocele is only one cause of exhaustion of a man. 

According to Professor Akmal Taher, urologist of Medical Faculty UI-RSCM Jakarta, there are some habits that can lead to male infertility. "Smoking, drinking alcohol, sauna, hot tubs, lap laptop at work, and often wear tight pants are often the cause of poor sperm quality," he said in Jakarta while to discuss the particulars of male infertility, Wednesday (22/2/2012). Understandably, the habits that can lead to increased testicular temperature, so be wary. About the use of tights, including underwear, a habit that carried the cyclist can be used as an example. 

Formation of sperm in the testis, said Akmal which also urologist at the Asri Hospital Jakarta, occurred at temperatures 2-4 degrees Celsius lower than body temperature. Well, the various customs such as the above can raise the temperature of the testicles that disrupts the formation of sperm. 

"Every half-degree Celsius rise in temperature that cause damage to sperm," says urologist Ponco Birowo, Akmal colleagues at the Asri Hospital. To find out if a man is fertile or not, according to him, it's easy, "Conditioning ejaculation and take semen fluid, and then checked into the lab. From lab results can be known whether he was there a problem or not." 

About the daily habits that can lead to male infertility, as mentioned by Akmal, many studies that prove it. This include: 

Sauna good for removing excess body fat, and can make the muscles relax after a tired working. However, if the fat can be melted because of the sauna, the heat of the sauna as well as able to "melt" the fertility of sperm in the scrotum due to heating.

Infertilitiy site-solutions.com writing, sauna for 10 minutes within 10 days can reduce sperm production by 50 percent in the span of 10 next week. 

This activity is fairly exciting, but it should not be too frequent. In fact, because hot water is quite influential in lowering the quality of sperm, Marthe Voegeli, a Swiss physician, used it as a male sterilization program.

Soaking in a hot tub with a temperature of 46.7 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes a day for three weeks can make men sterile for six months. 

Research shows that smoking may decrease the concentration / sperm count up to 23 percent, and reduce the agility of movement of sperm up to 13 percent. 

Study of 15 athletes who pedaled a bicycle over 300 kilometers a week shows they have less than 4 percent of sperm that look normal. Otherwise infertile men if sperm is normally reached 15-20 percent. 

So as not to be bad, doctors Irwin Goldstein, urologist from Boston University, United States, suggested that all riding a bicycle is limited as far as 30 miles (48 kilometers). The same limits apply for immediate release tight pants when cycling. 

Fertility and Sterility study revealed that men who use a laptop in a way lap while working for an hour can increase scrotal temperature by more than 4 degrees Celsius.

This increase will lead to damage to sperm production and quality. *** [DWI WIYANA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | KORAN TEMPO 3815]
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