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Thursday, March 1, 2012

IRRI Developed the Green-Colored Rice

Since hundreds of years ago, many people who knew of rice other than white, the red and black. In addition to a variety of color, people were known various kinds of flavors and shapes. Is that what it was fluffier or a bear, also a long oval shape to a nearly spherical.

For rice types Rojolele, Cianjur, Kurmo, and Kapau almost the same shape, long grain and in the middle there is the "egg white" dot. It is said that egg white is to show consumers that we are going to eat rice is fluffier or soft taste. 

In addition to relating to color, flavor, and shape, there is also a rice that smells wonderful and fluffier. This type of rice called type Pandanwangi later, the price is quite expensive. 

Not all the land of rice paddies that can produce white, fragrant, and fluffier. Cianjur or Pandanwangi rice, it may not appear when grown in coastal areas or lowlands. However, when grown in the highlands, Cianjur rice what we hope it will appear. 
Everyone who eats rice or is engaged in rice production can benefit from the "green" rice anticipated with the Sustainable Rice Platform. (Picture from: http://www.physorg.com/)
However, in Cianjur was not all areas can result in "Cianjur rice". Cianjur rice grown and produced only in certain areas only, which has a special environment and water. Agricultural experts believe that there is a real bond between water quality, soil, environmental, and altitude of a place with flavor, color, shape, grain, or tuber crops.

However, rice can now be engineered according to human desires. As performed by experts from the paddy rice research institutions in the world of IRRI (International Rice Researh Institute) in Los Banos Philippines, which succeeded in creating a green-colored rice. 

"There are many sustainable technologies, and different practices to create a green-colored rice. What is most important for world food experts, to create a product need a way to make certain types of research and this special," added Prof Knox, a geneticist IRRI in Los Banos Filipinos. 

Rice consumers around the world, now hopes to soon feel the rice in addition to the color green because of the unique, engineered rice that also has a nature and on a world-class rice. "Green rice researchers, specific research platform in order to master the products can be accepted by consumers with a standard prerequisite class rice fluffier taste and smell," said Dr. Edward, one of the researchers at IRRI. 

Green rice contains "chlorophil". IRRI Geneticists, in research for over 16 years of successfully entering this precious substance in the grains of rice to be consumed by people eating rice. 

Meanwhile, the Development Center of Agricultural Technology (Balai Pengembangan Teknologi Pertanian or BPTP) in Yogyakarta says, is developing a nursery to develop green rice grown in Indonesia. In addition it also disclosed that the BPTP Yogyakarta is also developing black rice plant, named Cempo Ireng or Jlitheng Rice, which is called in the Bantul region the Melik Rice and Cibeusi Region, Subang, called Black Rice. Black rice is known to have different names, depending on the area of ​​origin the black rice.  In Solo area known as the Wulung Rice, in Sleman called Gadog Rice.
Forbidden Rice or Black Rice gets its name from a Chinese legend that says it was only grown for consumption by Emperors and not to be consumed by the general population. (Picture from: http://valleyvegetarian.blogspot.com/)
Ancient times it was said, only designated special farmers to plant black rice because it is specific for the family palace. Is still not known, whether black rice with names of different designations, the cell plasma were same or different. Clearly this has a distinctive black rice, among other crops in addition to long life is 5 months, has a delicious flavor rice, fluffier, fragrant and have a mineral "anthocyanins" which is very good for health so that the flavor is equated with the nobility. 

It is said that the ancient Chinese black rice has been known as Forbidden Rice. This means that not just anyone can grow and eat it because only the court and certain people are allowed to eat it. This black rice in China is used as a mixture of drugs, and some for food, but now black rice is almost extinct. *** [DEDI RISKOMAR | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 01032012]
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