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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Twitter to be Spies?

Twitter claimed to have taken the data stored in the phone, such as contact lists, including e-mail address and telephone number. So, when you download a Twitter application and click the "Find Friends", while micro-blogging service that will record all data on the server was within 1.5 years.

Twitter spokesperson Carolyn Penner said in the near future the company will also update the application to see if there are changes to the data.

Not enough to drain the data in the contact list, Twitter also record all user activity brrowsing, starting IP address, browser type, sites visited, mobile operators are used, the device used, to the search keywords.

Recording activity data and user activity is certainly potential to violate their privacy.

But Twitter has denied allegations that it violated the privacy measures. "We want to communicate with the users of our service becomes more clear and transparent," says Carolyn.

In a new Twitter application later, he said, the service will provide additional features such as choice of language that is more complete.

In addition, the feature "Find Friend" also can be operated more quickly since Twitter already has data any friends in your contact list who already have a Twitter account.

For users who object to the list of contacts can be recorded by Twitter, they can remove it by using the remove link from your web page Twitter. *** [LATIMES | RINI K | KORAN TEMPO 3796]
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