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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Sky Islands Anti Tsunami

Huge tsunami that swept the world in the last decade to give a message to the settlers on the beach to remain vigilant. Japanese architect proposed the creation of an artificial island to protect the population from the brunt of the tsunami waves.

Architect Keiichiro Sako learn a lot from the threat of a dozen meter-high tsunami that struck the Tohoku region, in March last year. Consultant based in Tokyo is looking for an alternative architecture beach which guarantee the safety of its citizenry. Then he came to the idea of ​​a seaside town with an artificial islands made higher than the surrounding land. "Islands" was named the Tohoku Sky Village.

This seaside town will be filled by the township-shaped island. Settlements located in an area of ​​90 thousand square meters of fenced concrete wall 50 centimeters thick. Circular wall township, established a three-story-high building. Circular structure makes the thrust generated tsunami is divided equally in all directions. Empty space inside the wall can be used as a ballroom.

A "sky island" can accommodate 100-500 houses or apartments. This is a town that consists of many islands, where each region has a specific function, such as residential areas, offices, shopping centers, to the central government.

According to Sako, people often asked relocates to higher land after the disaster. However this is not considered economical, so many residents opted to stay on the wave-swept land. "Many people rely on the livelihoods of coastal activities. Idea is to make the city safer beach to live in," he said.
Concept the Tohoku Sky Village by Keiichiro Sako. (Picture from: http://aainter3.files.wordpress.com/)
Concept the Tohoku Sky Village by Keiichiro Sako. (Picture from: http://www.newscientist.com/)
Concept the Tohoku Sky Village by Keiichiro Sako. (Picture from: http://aainter3.files.wordpress.com/)
Although looks safe, not easy for Sako to convince the public about his concept. Yasuaki Onoda of the Department of Architecture and Building Science, Tohoku University, suggests the high cost of construction of a barrier island to the success of the sky islands. Onoda estimates, making an island cost U.S. $ 250 million.

Respond to this opinion, Sako confirmed that construction costs can be reduced by utilizing the tsunami debris as building material. In addition, the island complex in this land could become a tourist attraction that makes money.

Architectural designer from Tokyo Metropolitan University, Professor Masayuki Wakui, reveals another problem faced. According to him, the characteristics of the seaside residents are generally more conservative, making it difficult for them to live together in this futuristic building. *** [NEWSCIENTIST | ANTON WILLIAM | KORAN TEMPO 3799] 
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