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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tarsiers Shrill Small Mammals

Tarsiers, tiny mammals that live tonight in Southeast Asia, listed as a primate with the highest sound shrill. These animals communicate using a frequency that is not widely used for other animals.

The uniqueness of tarsiers communication techniques revealed by the Biological Anthropology Research Laboratory at Humboldt State University after studying six tarsier is captured from the island of Mindanao, Fiiipina.

Animal samples are then tested the sensitivity of hearing. The trick is to let a sound in different frequency ranges. Revealed that the tarsier can hear sounds humans can not hear the ultra range. While the limit of human hearing stops at a frequency of 20 kilohertz (kHz), tarsiers can hear up to 91 kHz.

Next, researchers tested the sound produced tarsier. So far, tarsiers are often observed to move his mouth as if he was silent, but no sound came. Sophisticated sound-detection equipment is able to hear the original sound of screeching tarsier on ultrasonic sound waves.

"Tarsier into small groups of mammals that can communicate at high frequencies," said Marissa Ramsier, principal investigator on this research.

Several groups of mammals, such as bats, rodents, whales, and dolphins, even a house cat, have the ability to sound like a tarsier. A kitten, for example, can produce ultrasonic sound since the age of 2-6 weeks. Is an effective way to hide the "conversation" among those of human hearing.

From an evolutionary standpoint, the use of high frequency noise can protect animals from predators, prey, and competitors. High frequency noise will also increase energy efficiency as free from the noise of low frequency sound.

For the tarsier, the use of high frequency sound is easier for them hunt for food at night. Using the watchful eye of the brain, these animals can hide their discussions of predator and prey. *** [DISCOVERY | ANTON WILLIAM | KORAN TEMPO 3793]
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