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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Apples, Gallstones Softeners

Gallstone disease, a similar but not identical with kidney stones or bladder stones. This disease, a serious threat to patients who drink less because of CaCO3 deposition (calcium carbonate) from urium (urine). As for gallstones, usually afflicts those who have high cholesterol levels.
In the long run, will be saturated and cholesterol crystals turn into gallstones. Perhaps, many do not understand, what it is gallstones. In fact, it may also have had or are having this disease, but not ignored because they do not know clearly the symptoms of this gall stone disease. In fact, if left untreated or not properly, the disease can cause serious problems. Because, if not treated will become cancer.
People who are suffering from gallstones rarely have symptoms. However, if the attacks worsened, the effect could torment the sufferer. Obvious symptoms will arise when people eat high fat foods. Acute pain is inflicted, is located on the right upper abdomen, leading to the back. In between the shoulder and chest forward, throbbed. Other symptoms are feeling bloated and full feeling in the stomach after eating. In severe conditions, the patient will feel pain in the liver.

Gallstones basically a pile of crystals in the gallbladder or in the bile duct. In addition due to cholesterol, gallstones fraction also caused by a hardened calcium salts. Bile contains large amounts of cholesterol derifat that usually remains as a liquid. If the bile becomes saturated, cholesterol can become insoluble and precipitate out to form bile.

Most gallstones are formed within the gallbladder. The presence of gallstones in the bile ducts, can cause severe infection of the bile duct (cholangitis), infection of the pancreas (pancreatitis) or infection of the liver. If the bile duct is blocked, the bacteria will grow and soon lead to infection in the channel. The bacteria can spread through the bloodstream and cause infections in other body parts.

Most gallstones, usually in a long time does not cause symptoms. Especially when settled in the gall bladder stones. Sometimes the stones are large, it will gradually erode the gallbladder wall and into the small intestine or large intestine, causing intestinal obstruction (gallstone ileus).

People with gallstones may perform treatment without surgery, using endoscopic techniques. These techniques remove fluid that can be disposed of gallstones through the stomach and out with food droppings. Endoscopic techniques on gallstones is done by inserting a hose through the oral cavity down to the stomach. Gastric then ripped a bit as the path to where the hose into the target. After that, who serves as a vacuum hose, the fluid will issue gallstones.
Apples Therapy
This therapy is one way to treat gallstones. What did the researchers Dr. Chiu Nan, a viable alternative in the treatment of this disease. Called apple therapy because patients can eat apples. In this case the nutritious apple softens the gallstones. Patients with gallstones in China do this treatment. According to Dr. Chiu Nan, this treatment can also be used if there are complaints of liver disorders due to liver and gall bladder related. Treatment in a therapeutic way apple is very easy.

For five consecutive days, patients are encouraged to drink 4 or 5 cups fresh apple juice. Types of apples are used, basically all the same. We can also use the type of PRC apples are sold in supermarkets.
On the sixth day, the patient must not eat dinner. Then at 06.00 PM, take one teaspoon of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfat), mixed with a glass of warm water. Epsom salts efficacious to open the channels of the gallbladder. This is repeated at 08.00 PM. At 10.00 PM, drinking a cup of olive oil (can also be replaced with sesame oil), mixed with half cup fresh orange juice. Toss well. In this treatment efficacious use oil because the oil lubricates the stones that can carry out gallstones.

According to Dr. Chiu Nan, the next day greenish stones will be removed when the patient defecate. There are dozens of stone that can be issued through this therapy.

Attracted by this simple treatment? There is no harm in trying. In addition to safe, apples are also delicious and fresh. Prevention is better than cure. Implement a healthy diet is the best thing to avoid diseases like this. Prioritizing eating vegetables that contain high fiber, also rich in magnesium content. And, avoid foods high in cholesterol. *** [DEDI RISKOMAR | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 13102011]
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