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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Two Japanese giant manufactures collaborate in the development of electric scooters

Two of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world have agreed to make electric motorcycles together. And now electric scooter collaboration results from Honda and Yamaha will be tried to see and search its market.
Honda-Yamaha e-Kizuna, an electric scooter joint-development project launched in Saitama, Japan. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2tOqRqG)
The collaborative project of both manufactures has been ongoing since October 2016 and how the market response will be tested in a project called e-Kizuna in the city of Saitama in the month of September 2017.

The e-Kizuna project is a joint effort of both Japanese manufacturers to explore the global electric motorcycle market that begins in the city of Saitama. For that they are now focusing on the important function key such as reducing carbon emissions, the development of electric motors as the resolution of transport problems in areas with difficult access.

Through these project also, as many as 30 units of Yamaha E-Vino will be enabled in the motor-sharing system. And the Saitama people can use the unit as a rental vehicle for the purposes of their mobility. In addition, there are also units in some locations, and the batteries exchange will be provided in strategic places such as Shintoshin Saitama Station, and public parking areas.

The project is expected to provide new solutions to current industry issues and will be implemented in future projects. So that the electric scooter collaboration results from Honda and Yamaha will be really ready to be produced, of course with the latest technology of joint development result also.

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