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Thursday, July 13, 2017

This Brazil-made motorcycle uses the VW Beetle engine

In addition to being famous for football turns out Brazil has also had a big cruiser named AME Amazonas. AME stands for Amazonas Motocicletas Especiais, and Amazonas is one of their flagship models.

Unfortunately, as Brazil's strength in the auto industry, AME Amazonas is considered to be one of the worst motorcycles in the world. In fact, this motorcycle is indeed the result of economic solutions rather than the development of automotive design and engineering.
In addition to Harley-Davidson in America or Honda Goldwing in Japan, it turns out Brazil has also had a big cruiser named AME Amazonas. This bike is quite striking in its era and use the VW Beetle engine. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2tKKEFT)
The history of AME Amazonas began when Brazil's economic conditions in the early 1970s began to develop from agrarian countries to industrialized countries. Various policies made by the government at that time, and anything that is not produced locally it will be taxable high.

It applies in all sectors, including finally to big motorcycles. The dilemma, government agencies that used to use large motorcycles that is the Brazilian armed forces and police eventually lacked a big motorcycle unit because the government was 'reluctant' to spend money for those vehicles.

Then came Daniel Ferreira Rodrigues, a young businessman who was then aged 25 years. Like a hero, he told the government that he would make a local brand big motorcycle, and his factory would stand in Sao Paulo, and be named AME.

A Brazilian policeman rides on the AME Amazonas in 1970s. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2tgDSnP)
The idea attracted the Brazilian government's interest at the time. The related authorities even immediately agreed and gave him a contract. Although from some literature mentioned that Daniel has never showed a motorcycle blue print to be built.

Not long after the factory was established and immediately produce. But what to get? Instead of having R & D facilities, Daniel decided to use a car's engine base that is VW Beetle. The choice is based on the VW Brazil is one of the largest manufacturers in Brazil.
Brazilian military also use the AME Amazonas in 1970s. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2tgDSnP)
To capture the consumers, Daniel uses two of the most popular VW Beetle engines of the 1.3-liter and 1.6-liter. The smaller engines are sold as entry level, while the 1.6-liter as flag ship, including those ordered by Brazilian government agencies.

Once done with the engine problem is now turning to the chassis, and as mentioned, with minimal R & D makes AME Amazonas like a toy. As we knew, placing a VW Beetle boxer engine is not easy, and compared to making a 4-point cross-section of the machine, AME actually uses a swivel chassis.

Another problem that came because of many complaints with the process of 4-speed gear shifting. Its transmission system is hard, hard to do with the foot. Not to mention to save the production, the manufacturer would prefer to use the chain to the rear sprocket than the belt.

While the braking system is somewhat far from the good word. AME Amazonas uses cast iron discs purchased from a Ford factory near Sao Paolo. The condition of the discs are easily hot and thus makes it no grip when used to brake. While the rim with a size of 16-inch circumference wrapped with 5.00 tire type with 'AMAZONAZ' thick print on the side.
The first batch came out of the production line in 1977. Several hundred AME Amazonas were sent to the Brazilian armed forces and police for the next few years. But because the control is so bad, this motorcycle is more often used as a parade motorcycle.

Daniel Ferreira Rodrigues then sells AME to his colleague Guilherme Hannud Filho, who has the idea of ​​opening markets in Europe and the United States. And in 1985 Filho set up shop in Houston, USA, but failed because the VW Beetle engine uses outdated technology so it did not pass DOT standard in 1986.

Although from the technical side is less satisfactory, AME Amazonas remain a valuable collectibles. During its life span this motorcycle only sold 450 units. While in Houston, USA, estimated less than a dozen. AME Amazon itself officially closed in Brazil in 1989.

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