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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Scomadi continued to test their newest scooter prototype

British scooter company, Scomadi had introduced a classic-modern style scooter that uses an engine with a capacity of 400 cc. And the scooter prototype was introduced at the EICMA Show 2016, in Milan, some time ago.
A prototype of Scomadi's 400 cc engined scooter at the EICMA Show 2016. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1gRsxk)
Its classic style seems inspired by the design of Lambretta scooters, while its engine seen similar to those used in the Suzuki Burgman. However, Scomadi will not market the nameless scooter in the near future. The company said the production model will be available in 2018.

"The latest model 400 will be available in 2018. The project is still ongoing with a prototype is created manually," Scomadi said in a statement, as cited again by Visordown.
Left side view of Scomadi's 400 cc engined scooter prototype. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1gRsB3)
Its modeling process by using the Computer Aided Design (CAD) and now the testing is still in progress as a transition process of the prototype into mass production. And the testing procedures were also done to ensure that the scooter is in compliance with Euro4 emission rules..
Right side view of Scomadi's 400 cc engined scooter prototype. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1gRsB3)
Scomadi itself is a joint venture of two renowned tuners, ie Frank Sanderson of Scooter Innovation Ltd and Paul Melici from PM Tuning. The company already has two classic scooter products namely Scooter TL50 and TL125. Both scooters are still use carburetor engines and newly met the Euro3 emission standards.

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