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Monday, September 26, 2016

The scientific explanation behind the feeling of being watched by someone

We've all felt someone noticed us, even in conditions did not look directly into the eyes of these figures. Sometimes there is the ability within us to see the objects that are outside the reach of our sight. But how do we explain this phenomenon without mixing the elements outside of science such as the ability of a sixth sense?

The eyes are the windows to see our souls. Not surprising that they are so keen to talk about it. The human brain is programmed to lock the view. It shows that the deployment of its network in the brain that is solely dedicated to processing a gaze. Previously, scientists have identified and found the response of the group specialized in the monkey brain tissues, especially when they do not perform direct gaze on the like.
We’ve all had that feeling that somebody is watching us. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1eDTk8)
We also often tied to the perception of gaze. There is a mechanism that works to detect the movement of the eye and our attention. As known, the newborns, aged two to five days, prefer to look at faces with direct gaze.

Not only the brain that specifically works to illustrate a gaze. Our eyes without exception are also formed to capture the attention and easily reveal the direction of gaze. There is an area around the pupil of the eye is large and entirely white. Its presence enables us to see a person's gaze direction. Contrasting circumstances actually possessed by animals.

The animals pupils covered almost the entire eyeball. It is regarded as part of the adaptation, which he disguises his eyes from the predators. By doing so, they will be able to hide the gaze of animals that could potentially be a predator.

The gaze of human eyes is optimized for easy detection. Often we use when someone looks at us. For example, if a person sitting opposite to us on the train, we will be able to receive their gaze direction without having to look at directly.

What about the feeling when someone outside the scope of our view, as someone behind is watching us? Is the sensor as it actually happened? Numerous studies have found 94 percent of men reported ever experiencing the feeling as if the eyes were staring at them. When turned, they found that someone had indeed seen them.

Memory bias also have contributed to this phenomenon. If we feel like being addressed, and turned around to check the figures are looking at us, chances are they aware of the movement of our bodies and instinctively looked at us. When our eyes meet, we then assume that the figure is watching us. This situation often occurs than when we turned around and found nobody who look towards us.

If one day we thought that someone invisible was watching us, maybe our mind is playing with us, even though it feels so real.. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | IFLSCIENCE]
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